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Organic food is the one which is developed with the help of natural fertilizers without using any kind of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. As such it offers various benefits. The important benefits of organic food include the total absence of residues of pesticide in the food, better taste than the other kind of food and environmental protection offered to the soil. The absence of pesticide residue in the food means lesser risk and health hazard to the people using it.

Benefits of organic food also include another important aspect of nutritional value of the food. Organic food is believed to be more nutritious than the food generated with the help of synthetic fertilizers.

Another important benefit of organic food is that it is the best sort of food for babies or infants. Babies are more likely to be adversely affected by toxins in food due to delicate digestive and immune system. Organic food, being completely natural and without any biological change in food, is considered as best option.

Though there may be divergent views as to nutritional value of organic food over other, the research at various places has concluded that organic food do contain more nutrients than the non organic food. It is also found that due to heavy use of fertilizers there are more pesticides present in fruits even after washing them by water and also the level of vitamin C is considerably lowered than few years back. It is also seen that organic food contain more dry matter while the crops based on artificial fertilizers contain more of water, which is also a reason to consider organic food more nutritious.

Presence of pesticides in food is believed to be closely associated with the outburst of various diseases like obesity, cancer and many more. Elements of foreign chemical in body are bound to cause irritation and resultant diseases associated with it.

Consumption of organic food in raw form is believed to be more helpful in throwing out the toxic wastes from the body and general cleansing process of the system. The changing trend in favor of organic food is because of its multiple benefits like safety, taste, environmental friendly and providing more nutritious and healthy diet.

It has also come to notice during research that consumption of organic food lowers the risk of cancers. It protects the body from the expansion of cancer. It is mainly due to the anti oxidants present in the organic food, which shields the cells in the body from the free radicals. The changes or instability in the free radicals is believed to be the main cause of having cancer. So one can get relief by use of organic food as diet.

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