Health Research News Announces New Weight Loss Promotion After Paula Deen Debuts Slimmer Figure

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Ft. Worth, TX. (PRWEB) October 07, 2012

After celebrity chef Paula Deen announced that a Diabetes diagnosis inspired her to lose 30 pounds, Health Research News announced a new free report promotion aimed at helping people from all over the world lose weight in safe and healthy ways as well. The dramatic Deen slim down debuted on the cover of People magazine and had many individuals shocked by the chefs decision to lose weight in a natural and healthy way.

Paula Deen, who is known for her high-fat Southern cooking style, shed her weight naturally in hopes to be healthier and show others that weight loss can be achieved without scam diet pill offers. Health Research News announced their free offer in hopes that the many inspired by Deens story would also take a safe and healthy approach to loosing weight.

The website offers reviews and information to the public about different health and weight loss scams that are on the internet today. Their new free report offer not only details scams on the internet but includes simple steps that individuals can take to lose weight in the same healthy manner that Paula Deen did. The company announced the new program aimed specifically at weight loss supplements, after Deens announcement. The health investigation site hopes that together with Paula Deens story, more individuals from around the country will avoid scam weight loss products that cannot only cost them money but potentially cause health care problems as well.

The investigation site has launched the current promotion on their website and is offering the insider information to anyone looking to get facts on healthy weight loss approaches that dont feature dangerous supplements.

The companys latest endeavor now includes now includes product reviews and information on supplements that could harm users. To find out more about the Health Research News offer and their product reviews, visit:

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