Health Research News Launches 15 Cheat Foods to Help Burn Belly Fat for Current Dieters

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Ft. Worth, TX (PRWEB) October 12, 2012

With many individuals of all ages looking to lose weight and burn fat naturally, there has been an influx in recent years of diet and weight loss supplements designed to help people burn more fat. However, many of these products come with dangerous side effects that have many dieters worried. This is why Health Research News has announced a new free informational review and offer on the e-book 15 Cheat Foods that Burn Fat for those who want to learn about burning fat in an all natural way.

The company is launching the new review on these weight loss secrets that are featured in this new e-book from top nutritionist Joel Marcinko. The book not only features cheat foods that help burn fat but aims to educate readers on the solitary hormone that could be controlling their weight loss issues. To help the many dieters considering turning to this book instead of weight loss supplements, has created a comprehensive review that provides real insight on the book and its message. Since the company is in support of dieters taking a healthy approach to weight loss and avoiding potentially harmful supplements the company is also giving away free downloadable copies of the e-book as part of the promotional offer.

The new informational review includes a comprehensive look at the book and the foods featured inside. The review on the all natural food fat burners and the free offer can be accessed through the company website and are currently available to any interested individuals.

For more information on the 15 Cheat Foods that Burn Fat e-book product and other product reviews from Health Research News, visit

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