Calls for Lipozene Testimonials from Their Readers

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 03, 2012 has called for their readers to send in their Lipozene testimonials to the management team on the site in the next 2 weeks. The team will then take these testimonials and post them on a new page that will be dedicated to the product on the site.

Bonnie Crawford, one of the Managers on the site said that, We have been working on a page that will be dedicated to this product for quite some time now and we are nearly finished. All we need to complete the deal are Lipozene testimonials. We love getting testimonials from our clients because we know that they are some of the best quality testimonials that we can find in the business. We will be posting all the Lipozene testimonials that we get in on the site, be they good or bad. We have done this before and we like to give a balanced view of any product that we are looking at.

News of what the team are doing has been spreading to a number of other sites in the business that are concerned with weight loss and there are comments from a few people on these sites who have sent their own testimonials to the team at

The management team at the site are saying that they nearly have all the reviews that they want but that they are still looking for a couple more to fill out the page. They are encouraging readers to keep sending the Lipozene testimonials in.

In addition to looking for testimonials the team at the site are also offering some free information at the moment on how to lose 45 pound with 45 minutes of exercise a day.

The information can be downloaded right now at


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