Healthy Cooking: Low Fat Potato Wedge recipe

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One thing I love as much as Makeup is FOOD! I especially LOVE potatoes!! I hope you enjoy this delicious healthy guilty pleasure snack!!! If you do tell me about it!! Recipe from: Ingredients 4 medium baking potatoes 1 tablespoon canola oil 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder…


MsMariammalik says:

u made them in microwave or oven:s :s
dat was not shown or told in video…
sorry,but i dont know at all about making them dats y asked:(

ldygwee says:

This was great! Thanks for posting!!!

Sara S says:

Can you make a video of how to make the stuffed turkish potato?

sallysunshine101 says:

I just made them, soooo good

4SHBROWN says:

this is great for a afternoon meal…try not to have it for dinner cause it’s very high in carbs and it’s a high gi meal. awsum after a run or a workout.

socialdef3 says:

Nice recipe, and nice body 😉

dewaltpowertools says:

your hot baby )

sed29151 says:

U r absolutely beautiful

readingmaniac54 says:

Looks good and your dress and head wrap is pretty like you..

pow8152 says:

take your ring off next time.

Saisan4 says:

Very nice 🙂 Ty for sharing 🙂

IndiaCobra says:

This is very nice and healthy food and she is nice too

Konstantin Kesper says:

Oils are not health foods.

CuntDangIt says:

coconut and olive oil are very healthy its a fact..

Konstantin Kesper says:

No they too increase the chance for heart disease. Please read the China Study by Colin Campbell 🙂

Lamara Ghabuzyan says:

Please, have a look for low fat recipe videos:)

sensibility98 says:

I really just play around with the measurements of the seasoning^.^ it was very2 nice! my family really enjoyed it;3 thank you(‘:

Lulu63214 says:

Mmmmm it looks so delicious and crispy 🙂

sdhjirhgh says:


RainaDragonfire says:

One way you must try if u like a little heat is add a few chillies,handful of chopped cilantro and a little salt blend with a couple drops of water. Puree this mixture then add to yogurt and mix.

Cockdogmaster says:

Did she flip them??

jamesingar says:

Thank you this helped me a lot, Ma’m!


what other things do you know how to cook

Mfan wakhe says:

beautiful sister

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