Healthy Eating Day 20: Exercise & Fitness

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VeganBreak says:

Aww, thank you! And that’s awesome that you’re planning to go vegan! Let me
know if you need any help, tips or guidance!

VeganBreak says:

LMAO! Right!? I got a new iphone and since then it’s so easy to record
videos on the go, unplanned, anytime, anywhere! Only downside is the
horrible quality…but hey…it’s better than nothing!

jew1772 says:


ASusan89 says:

Great video. Need to start running once my exams are over!! Thanks

KydzLydz says:

I did mostly okay for the challenge…did have a few chips during and one
root beer 🙁 ..but not gona beat myself up over that. Kept to my walking
everyday and that was huge…cuz we were only walking maybe 3x a week
before that. I also incorporated more fruits and veggies into our day.

TheVegetablife says:

You would make a vlog in the middle of your run haha I love it !!

jew1772 says:

Your an awesome inspuiration! Thank’s for all the great tips! I’m still
trying to go vegan, i plan to start in June, i really want to eat that
CLEAN food, and i already workout a lot at the gym already plus i play
sports at school (:

TheVegetablife says:

the quality actually isn’t bad though , I would have thought iphone videos
would have been a lot more shaky but it’s really stable haha, loves it!

jew1772 says:

For sure!

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