Healthy Eating Strategies : Eating Right on the Mediterranean Diet

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Healthy Eating Strategies : Eating Right on the Mediterranean Diet

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Grab a Diet Pepsi and share a delicious moment with Josh Duhamel.
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Studley Muffin says:

I don’t get it…

catkin840 says:

@Studley Muffin, I wish I didn’t, but he’s adorable so I don’t care.

9BrunoP7 says:

Are u mad because u are a stupid noob???

coraliec293 says:

Wtf class

TheLibertarian4life says:

yea yea yea stop with the aspartame shit, well known hoax. I personally prefer the taste of sugar or corn syrup but aspartame is perfectly healthy

TheLibertarian4life says:

pepsi is shit, coca cola rules

crashinbash says:

Have you any idea of what aspartame even is? Do you know anything about the history behind aspartame? There is a reason it took millions in lobbying and pressure from big corporations to legalize it for distribution. It is an excitotoxin that literally eats your brain and is listed under cancer causing phenylalanine for a reason. I’m sure you’ll find some reason to dispute me on the topic though…

Benjamin Miller says:

It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these normal people accomplish it easily with Reborn Lean Max (check it out on Google).

shadinwidmalady says:

Josh is awesome!

giorgi chixradze says:

Noooo not too much 🙁

Kevin Murphy says:

I just immediately thought of Sheldon Cooper

Epic Vine says:

just lost 30 sec of my life

Nduwimana Henry says:

I like my style life.

Marko Vuckovic says:

Have you experienced Legion Fat Loss? (look for it on google) It is a quick way for you to burn off fat fast.

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