Healthy Vitamins Announces a Sale on Vitamin Code Whole Food Vitamins by Garden of Life

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(PRWEB) November 10, 2013

According to Gail Bowman, owner of Healthy Vitamins, an online health food store, “Raw food has become all the rage, which begs the question, ‘What does raw truly mean?’ raw foods and raw whole food supplements are teeming with live probiotics and enzymes that can be present only in an uncooked product. That’s why I carry Vitamin Code in my store. It is fairly unusual to have a sale on the entire line, which is why we are so excited to make this offer. Vitamin Code is on sale at Healthy Vitamins through the month of November (Use coupon code Nov13).”

David Wolfe has been an advocate of raw food for 16 years. He is a world authority on raw foods and superfoods who coaches Hollywood celebrities and leading business people on nutrition and wellness. In a recent interview with Dr Mercola, Wolf said, “One of the key reasons why many people are getting sick with “modern-day” diseases like heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes is relying on processed food as their primary form of nutrition. Ninety percent of foods Americans purchase every year are processed foods, and food marketers do a masterful job at making it seem like fast foods and junk foods are the obvious choice. But these processed foods, are dead and devoid of any natural nutrition. The fact that they taste good is the culmination of a profitable science of artificial flavors and additives, without which most processed food would taste and look like cardboard. But what the food industry neglects to tell you is that there is a heavy price for consuming this terrible diet. For the sake of convenience or good taste now, you are trading one of the most valuable assets that you have, your health.”

In a recent article, Extraordinary Health Magazine explained why raw, whole food, supplements are important:

“Heating foods above 115


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