Heidi Powell on Diet, Weight Loss and Reshaping Womens Bodies with a 12 Week Bod e Challenge

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What Not to Eat, Bad Food & Healthy Alternative Foods | PsycheTruth Weight Loss & Nutrition

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Vladimir551 says:

also white flour…. =) Some of them are partially banned in some countries.
Anyway ban them for yourself!

Vladimir551 says:

Maybe she meant enriched white flour the way it’s processed in US.
Anyway, stay away!

Vladimir551 says:

Watch another video on on Youtube Underground Wellness channel “Alcohol, Caffeine, and Your Gene Profile”.
Find the answers for yourself!

Vladimir551 says:

AlexaZinger, what about trans fats? Are they banned?

ScarlettSil says:

Amazing video

SuperOtyss says:

Is stevia or splenda okay, or is that something to avoid as well?

ALdragon4 says:

slenda is an artificial sweetener as a heads up.

CallMeMrX says:

Who cares, eat whatever you want to eat, you might not be around tomorrow.

ajk says:

Imagine that…….something that could make companies more money being seen as “ok” by the FDA……even despite the health risks associated with it……just shows where the priorities lie……

CoupeGrace says:

Thanks. I’m going to try and avoid a lot of these foods you’ve listed.

gruesomecargo says:

quinoa, kimchi, carob powder, Perilla, Grapeseed, and Sesame oils are good to consume.

Christophe Chardon says:

I confirm we don”t bleach flour … nor laundry… at least in France and Germany

romber58 says:

Hi Corrina.
Good luck with what you are doing.
As you must know the only effective way to change habits is through education,and not the law .In other words from the ground up.I think it is great how you are doing your bit..

sueeugene says:

the issue is what if !

xsmj1986x says:

Marry me!

ruukux3 says:

Is stevia (sweetleaf) a better alternative for an artificial sweetener?

missyouhoo says:

so no more using pam?

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