High-Protein Bodybuilding Oatmeal Cookies

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OMG! This tastes so good! No more pasta! Yay! Join me on my LCHF journey! annikadahlqvistblogenglish.blogspot.com Check out the diet! It’s awesome! Although you might want to meet me at the hospital! Dr. Annika Dahlqvist


Xeta Prime says:

We do what we can :)

wolfstriked says:

Fry the cabbage up in butter….makes it a bit crispy instead.

Xeta Prime says:

Thanx ;)

Xeta Prime says:

to myself huh, I already commented back, sorry about that heh heh

Xeta Prime says:

That’s a valid idea but you already have the crunchy of the bacon so if this were Master Chef, 🙂 I think they’d say too much crunch. However, I can see how that would taste fatty crunchy delicious!

ShroedingerWatcher says:

Bloody mucus brain.

skigirlred says:

This looks amazing! At first I watching your video thinking “What a nutter” but I just realized you’re having fun. Good for you! 🙂 I’ve been doing low carb for almost 8 years and have subscribed to your vids.

ClementineRULES says:


Xeta Prime says:

We do try 😉 occasionaly.

Xeta Prime says:

I Anything with Bacon is tasty 🙂 My diet changes every minute as I’m overloaded with this way or that way guru speak. I do believe in low carb high fat even if I don’t adhere to it always.

leodungen says:


Salisya says:

I will try the cabbage next time. Right now I replace the pasta with Zucchini or spaghetti squash. 🙂

Kevitivity says:

I’m a believer in the low carb diet, but this is not the video we should use to spread the word.

Xeta Prime says:

awwwe 🙁

tacogoingnuts says:

Your so random but funny

Xeta Prime says:

I am indeed a scatter head :0 🙂

Dmarsh71579 says:

If you use parchment paper, you wont even need the cooking spray and saves a little on clean up

LAXbruh31 says:

What are the macros?

Shankar Paudel says:

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aapekaap says:

How much ml is a cup?

mykovn says:

Hey can i just add vanilla whey protein intomy oats and eat it like that? Instead of adding all the brown sugar or cinnamon sugar and whatnot, this’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

jivan sarma says:

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Ranjeet Patel says:

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tbdh says:

how many grams is a scoop of protein? 30 or 40g?

moon321212g says:

usually 25g

tbdh says:

i just made these, they taste great and smell great. but the texture is very dry and not that great. am i missing anything? or do something wrong?

Domagoj Mitrovic says:

awsome stuff man, keep it up.

subash chaudhary says:

Have you seen Zippy Fat Loss? (look for it on google) It is a quick way for you to lose fat fast.

Jay Patel says:

I made these and the inside is so dry

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