How I Lost 15 Pounds: My Diet & Exercise | Sona Gasparian

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Hi guys, this video is about my diet & exercise and how I lost 15 pounds over the years, plus how I maintain my current weight. I now weigh 110 pounds and I’m 5’2.

I’m not a dietician, just sharing my personal experience with you guys.

If you have any tips or recommendations on your diet and exercise, please comment below.


Tone It Up –


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Music Credit: Selena Gomez “Come and Get It”

Doonya is a dance-fitness program inspired by Bollywood music and dance. Our 3-disc DVD series ( features a breakdown of our steps, a full class of 11 routines plus warmup and cool down and express target workouts for your abs, glutes and cardio needs.

We are inspired by music to create workouts that will get you in shape. Selena Gomez’s “Come and Get It” features an amazing Indian-fusion beat. The tabla sound and mellifluous baritone of the Indian vocalist transported us straight to Bollywood.

We hope that you enjoy this routine from Doonya and that you share your thoughts with us here and on and on
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Rabiyah Mirza says:

uh there is a difference between South Asian music and BOLLYWOOD music. the
beat from selena’s song is not from a bollywood song, and therefore not a
bollywood beat. awesome moves though 🙂

laconleep says:

i would like to exercise and dance to I knew you were trouble when you
walked in by laylor swift thanks fyi to the bad comments at least they are
trying to help other people that need help maybe y’all don’t need to help
but other people do if you dont need the help then dont comment thanks I
would appreciate it

Doonya says:

Hey Siny, Look out for more fun pop songs soon!

razzledazzle485 says:

No good

Nimra Ali says:

you guys are amazing I really wanna join the classes really badly

Amanda Delgado says:

I can do better then can’t even dance

Robin Franco says:

i do this everyday! this is incredible… & both of you are so pretty!

siny hanya says:

i would like to dance to love me from justin bieber

MineTillUdie says:


Miura Artley says:


shaikh jasem says:

you all can try it with the song “1234 get on the dance floor”

Clare Mcdougall says:

Whoever blocked this there gay!!!!

Shirldance says:

Wonderful…enjoyed very much and loved the instructions. Thank you for

WolfLycan0711 says:

Thats a good workout i would do it since i like this song

maryam choudhury says:

can you do one direction best song ever

Kat Blaque says:

this looks so awesome. <3 

217hazelnut says:

how about “Best day of my life” – American Authors 

Cesar Flores says:

problem from ariana grande

Cesar Flores says:

you both are the most good dancers i sene
good look on the next dance it most be awesome

Tracee Banks says:

Priya and Kajal are awesome!! “Latch” by Disclosure (feat. Sam Smith)
would be a great song for a workout.

Nithya Anna Binu says:

good job…..awesome steps… guys u rock…..

Lucy Chambers says:

thanks for the tips! It is always good to hear what other people are doing
that is working. Remind your viewers to be careful with those bars…they
are often actually quite sugary and processed. Lara bars are good, 5
ingredient bars without added sugar. Gnu Bars are good too. Lots of fiber
to keep you full!

Wlaa Alani says:

Love u too beauty

Kikka Andrawes says:

Thanks SO much for this video Sona <3 you're so inspiring and this was very
helpful 🙂 Love you xoxo <3

Helene Huckaba says:

Soooo glad to hear a beauty guru talk about working out!!
Great job!!
Since you workout often….Maybe you can do a video about getting ready
quickly at the gym post-workout or just incorporating fast makeup tips
etc….for those of us trying to Do it All!!!

Elsa Lee says:


Reem Kotb says:

Really Thanks for sharing this with us …you helped me a lot in following
a good useful diet…love u & keep up the amazing work :)

GGamor21 says:

I’ve been in a funk with my healthy eating lifestyle (having an affair with
McDonalds) this completely motivated me!!! Thanks!!!

Lilah Bussiere says:

I am trying to lose 10 pounds and appreciate your advice. I will start
doing less juice… I don’t really drink soda but it’s not so hard to just
do water or tea mostly. Your makeup is very beautiful so I’m gonna check
out your other videos.

Ashley DiMeo says:

How big of portions would you have your meals?

AndreaLily says:

Thanks for sharing your tips. I also love Tone It Up. You are so beautiful!

Rosy Ruiz says:

Fitnessblender here on youtube also have great videos, check them out. 

Megan G says:

If these are just “your experiences” and you’re not a dietician, you really
need to reword all of this. You are talking in absolutes and saying that
these things are truths. Not good. Too many people will just take your word
for it and not do research. Cutting out juice is not going to make you
skinny. Orange juice is not bad for you. Demonizing foods is not going to
help anyone. Not everyone will wake up feeling like crap after eating
pasta. Sigh… So much misinformation… Nearly every time you say “you,”
you should be saying “I.” 

Tansia's Makeup ♡ says:

Ahhh! You are a doll <3 

ikiraw21 says:

Eat good stuff, be active , be happy. Don’t think too much about diet,
calories and weightloss. I hate these videos. Do someone teach us how to
breath. How food is different from that. Are we going backwards. We earn to
eat good food and don’t know what is real food. I really don’t think a
doctor needs to tell you to drink more water. No offense. We have to strike
balance between starving and binging.

Sara Marie says:

wow, honestly, I am so shocked you lost 15 pounds, mostly because you look
thin already! OR DID before

May Yu says:

Thank a million for sharing your diet tips. 

Claire Ashley says:

Of course the advertisement before this video was a McDonalds $1 menu
commercial and it tortured me! You look great Sona!! Thanks so much for
sharing xoxo

fishoutofwawa says:

Ive been on diet already for 2 weeks now! i totally see results on eating
clean(portion control), working out 5 times a week for 40 mins. there are
times when i crave bad foods (especially korean bbq mmmm) but i always have
will power to continue and look at my accomplishments. I still need another
3 weeks to keep up with my diet but once MAY 26 rolls im gonna have my
cheat day but with moderation and eat more veggies like sona said. Thanks
for the tips and tricks sona! <3

FUN Girl Clothing says:

Great video. Just as an FYI, those Special K bars and the Natures Valley
are loaded with sugar and carbs. You shouldn’t eat anything that has more
than 5g of sugar per serving. Per Jackie Warner, my workout guru. You look

Dar_B says:

I’m studying Nutrition some of your advice is way off …. 

AliceCries says:

I am glad you put the exercise thing out there. Exercise is such a fraction
of weightloss. It Is great for cardio and muscle definition, but I never
look at it for weightloss. Personally, I keep cardio to a minimum, when
trying to lose a few pounds. Cardio stimulates hunger and just backfires. 

Ángela Gracia says:

So now pasta is a treat? Wow, just wow.

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