How I Lost 35 Pounds!!!!!!! – Weight loss

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How I Lost 35 Pounds!!!!!!! - Weight loss

Hey My Loves, I’m finally sharing my weight loss story with you guys, I think this video is one of the hardest videos I’ve ever had to film….. I really hop…
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brandilovesbeauty says:

wow thanks for this. i am at your old weight (a little more actually) and
it is the heaviest I’ve been. I wonder if I look big to people. I really
need a change. Would love to lose 30 lbs. 

Queenii Rozenblad says:

so freaking proud of you girl!!!!!!! 

Beautysworld says:

Wow you look great honey. Thanks for the video. 

Teresa Bridges says:

I love watching your videos, and like so many people who struggle with
there weight, I’m so glad to see you did it the healthy way, you’re going
to motivate me. You look great.


You Look Great! Thanx for sharing your story with us.

helloMACkitty says:

Great job! You look great and your food looks good. I’d definitely like to
se more food videos so that I can get some ideas.

ceresiasworld says:

Amazing! You are such an inspiration and a great spirit xo

DutchessSarahJ says:

It’s hard when people tell you, “oh, you got fat…”
But it is also those friends I thank for making others wake up, and even
more so when they stick by your side during your weigh loss and after you
look dang good!

Mona M. says:

Am I the only one shocked that she’s only 5′ 1/2″ tall?!!! This whole time
I thought she was like 5′ 10″. Lol.

gigi g says:

where you bought the fit tea???? thanks love your videos 🙂 kisses


Wish we had Hourglass Fitness here in Los Angeles. I follow Lyzabeth Lopez
on instagram

BaAZiGar says:

great video !

Kimmy says:

Friggin finally!!!

MakeupbySandie says:

+msroshposh Thank you for sharing your story. I too have watched my weight
climb. And, I am ready to start getting rid of this junk. I would love to
see a food diary series. Congratulations!

Shameless Maya says:

I’m so proud of you! I know how hard it was for you to share this so
congrats on opening up and sharing your story to inspire others :)

TrayTrayBaby says:

What an inspiration! I’m so happy for you!

ChinaCandyCouture says:

Thanks for sharing I know how hard it is to share things this personal but
you’ll help a lot of others that’s struggling with weight, with this video

MonicaStyle Muse says:

So proud of you girl !!!! Such an inspiring video 

amynicolaox says:

I hear you girl and know how hard it is! I lost 80lbs in the last year &
when I started making my weight loss journey videos I was so nervous and
hesitant to post ANYTHING, but I’ve found people are SO supportive and made
me continue. It’s an amazing community. Anyway, AMAZING job, you look

msroshposh says:

Hey My Loves, I’m finally sharing my weight loss story with you guys, I
think this video is one of the hardest videos I’ve ever had to film, I hope
you Enjoy :)

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