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In this video I discuss how I lost weight.. I started my weight loss and lifestyle change in November 2011.. Let me know if you want a video of me showing th…

How many calories for weight loss? Calories NOT created equal ☆ My ebook ☆ Follow me on Facebook: http://www.faceb…
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SuperBizalz says:

Calories count. There’s no two ways about it.

If a 200LB 6’1″ guy is a vegan and he consumes 4,000 calories a day with
zero exercise, he will GAIN weight, GUARANTEED. No matter what percentage
of that is/isn’t fat.

Same guy, eats just 2 Big Macs a day with zero exercise, (which total 1,100
calories.) He will lose weight GUARANTEED. No matter what percentage of
that is/isn’t fat.

I’m not saying that’s a healthy way to go, but it IS mainly about calories
in and calories out.

Once you’re in shape, THEN you don’t have to worry about a caloric deficit.
Just burn what you use.

Cha Chi says:

I’m eating a lot of bread wheat bread mostly and my weight lose has stoped
it’s been 3 weeks now almost a month. Do you think it could be from the

prilly love says:

hey Freelee,
could you please help me ? I want to have your type of life style,
but…… im a type one diabetic :/ what do I do ????

Kylie H says:

Freelee, I am becoming Vegan! I’m so excited, thank you for being such an
inspiration :)

Fodder Hhihgc says:

I don’t understand how I can lose weight on carbs…bread and rice helped
me get fatter not leaner! what am I supposed to do!

Stewart Craig says:

What are you on about. Brain washing? common belief is Calories in calories
out, dont how what I said is brain washing? And yes replace all the carbs
and sugar with fat and your heart disease factors will go down. That’s a
fact because fat don’t make you fat. Paleo diet is the only true diet we
are supposed to eat, no refined grains. We are not supposed to be vegans as
animals with incisors like us are supposed to eat flesh. You can believe a
unqualified random YouTube person or you can believe someone qualified with
research back into the 1800’s to prove it

spystyle says:

Fruit or roots 🙂

Awesome content, keep up the excellent work !

keith hobbs says:

2 things 1 she is very lean BUT she seems to have little to no muscle mass,
2 if yyou eat 4000 caloires of any food with 0 working out or or some
movement you will gain FAT. this lady runs and does cardio thats why she
can eat a high carb cal diet and not be over weight

Ana Griselda Flores says:

Freelee, I have read literature regarding the inflammatory response and
adverse effects grains have on our bodies. Isn’t the rice bad for you? I’m

Lyan Villacorta says:

just to rub it in for calorie is calorie is calorie people, gasoline is
8,189 calories per milliliter. go eat/drink 0.2mL of gasoline for your
1650cal diet 🙂 hihi gl hf!

LiLiLaJolie says:

You look very beautiful in this outfit and pony tail :)

leaningraw says:

I have massive rebound weight 50lbs! I’m still on the course, but I do hope
I slim down one of these days. It is very un-motivating to do this and gain
a bunch of weight, but I will keep it up for a few more years. If I’m still
clinically overweight or obese then I will judge the 30bad diet a failure
for me. I think 3 years is a fair test.

connor harris says:

you look amazing here freelee a lot like Alison Sweeney

Karolina Gorkiewicz says:

You are so georgous !! Funny , beauty , fitand healthy. This is so
impressive ! I woudl love to be like you but I always fail 🙁 eating so
much foods made with white flour and sugar , ahh … ;/ 

quinn young says:

Hi, Freelee! I understand that the recommended calorie
intake is higher here(>=2500). Yet would you specify how much is too much?
For example, as a novice weighing 140 pounds, I gained 10 pounds in 10 days
by eating about 4000 calories from fruit and rice daily from with a
sedentary life style. Am I eating too much?

Freelee the Banana Girl says:

@Silvine Silver you made it so I couldn’t reply to your comment -_- so I
will reply here. I had nearly 3months off ANY exercise due to a badly
fractured toe on this lifestyle and I actually lost weight lol. Of course
if you eat a high fat diet you will blow out because it’s just not the diet
that suits our human physiology! We are high carb creatures. 

Chantel Fortson says:

Congratulations! I started a healthy lifestyle, and this video was so
encouraging, thank you. :-)

Kim Helm says:

Great job on focusing on the long term process… that’s the way to keep it
off… the way you think about food etc… :-)

Darnay Taylor says:

You look absolutely beautiful, keep taking care of yourself, and inspiring
others, Thanks.

Nicole Winston says:

You look great at the weight that you are at now, but continued success.

Temiko Thompson says:

Loving that BUN!! A video on how you achieved that would be great. Thanks

Sally Kins says:

LOl I’m so happy to hear that you can lose weight without cutting out the
rice coz I don’t know what I would do with out it !

Queenjustii Tidwell says:

How long did it take. You 

Kylana Garrison says:

Way to go! 

marcella campos says:

I just wanted to say you look great and I love that line you said, ” I
changed my relationship with food” that is so my goal right now and its so
hard, but I’m going to keep trying because I want to live!!! Thanks love
your videos

Tanya Martin says:

That’s Awesome!!

marcella campos says:
Ardean Clarke says:

So happy for you. Keep it up not only are you taking care of yourself but,
you are and inspiration to all the people you come in contact with.

Nsemeke Etteh says:

how did you deal with cravings…coS that’s a big obstacle for me. And by
the way I love your video and you look great.

India Taylor says:

Your gorgeous Kerry and I’m proud to see how far you’ve come

GrayLady says:

A portion control video would be great;)

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