How I Stay Fit and Healthy! (My Diet and Exercise Routine)

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Hope you guys enjoyed! Pop Pilates Abs: Pop Pilates Legs, Arms, and Abs: Surprise Link…… Follow me on: Tumblr: Twitter: Modocat: Pinterest: Instagram: arose1860 Mailing Address: 5503 B Street #9 Little Rock, AR 72205
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FranceVintageAmour says:

is there anyway to get wide n broad shoulders? =] not bulky, just WIDE haha

Kmg0 says:

As a student studying to be a physical therapist, a lot of this ignorance bothers me… But it’s not her fault I guess, I was just as bad before I really started to educate myself on health and fitness.

Jasmine henry says:

so have you lost weight or are you just posting it for the heck of it

littlemessythings says:

your facial expressions are da bommmmb!

aliskey62389 says:

You can get more out of your bicep curl if you resist on the way down and go slightly slower. 🙂

Bringmelovee says:

You kinda look like lana del rey…

popsybubblemania98 says:

But what if you’re a vegetarian? 🙁

HelloitsMeEm says:

Well honestly one true thing is that you only need to take what you truly think you need. Make sure you realize what each vitamin does, and also consult your doctor. The most important thing is to not take multivitamins. It’s so much to explain so google will back me up here hahahahaha, but they’re bad for you in some ways. They probably will not kill you, but it will waste your money because they will harm rather than hurt.You’re taking vitamins you don’t need. Arden is kinda right on this one!

Lemondrop97Ab says:

nuts are gd if ur a vegetarian. 🙂

venusdoom33 says:

I totally do the pop Pilates and they kill me

x3jordanheartsyouux3 says:

YOU REMIND ME OF AMANDA BYNES… in her better days of course. Like, your facial expressions and personality, and you kind of look like her too!

Laliejones says:

you look like the young amanda bynes when she was in “she’s the man”:)

Sippinh Susan says:

Hi! I just wondered if you could do a video about how to start exercising. I just can’t get myself to … run a mile.. Thumbs up so she can see it!

ThePatricia091 says:

when you said that the those vitamins are awesome because they are americanwas kinda offensive to your international subscribers and it makes them feel less important!

suren maharjan says:

If you have been trying to get ripped, you should search Google for “MAD Ripped Muscle”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

Bailey Styles says:

this may sound odd, and maybe nobody will agree, but you remind me of amanda bynes:)

michaela shimkus says:

you remind me of’s redonkulous! 🙂 like ill be watching your videos and be like WHAT THE HECK! anyways amazing as usual 😀

jahlove111 says:

too much vitamin D can be toxic!!

meiliamy says:

wish we had those usa vitamins here in nz! argh! they look yum! i hate taking mine! thanks for the tip!

andrealucerfi says:

Now I love Vitamins!!!!!! I lost too much weight too with a pretty cool program, I can’t post the link here but if you go to my profile you’ll see it.

Now I’m looking for a good exercise routine, any recommendation?

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