How the Fitness Equipment Defies the Fitness Exercise Belief

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When some people think of fitness equipment they think of hard labour, blood-sweat-and-tears that the fitness exercise may bring.  Although this can be true (if this is what you want or you are an Olympic athlete in training) it is usually just the thought that puts people off exercise equipment and the healthy fitness exercise it brings.  You may think of fitness equipment as a difficult slog which will make you feel listless resulting in a million and one reasons why you were right to avoid the fitness exercise plan.  This downward spiral continues until the next time you feel a slight fitness exercise glimmer of hope where you search the fitness equipment again resulting in the same negative cycle.

What if you see the fitness equipment; treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine, multi-gym etc as a trusted fitness equipment companion who will gradually help you attain your fitness exercise plans and not as the dreaded all-or-nothing exercise equipment. How we see it results in how we feel about it and what we do about it.  Being realistic about our fitness exercise goals, time frames and physical ability also helps in our perception of the fitness equipment.  We may be disappointed and give up very soon If we think we will buy some exercise equipment lose two stone in a month and enter the next marathon, which then doesn’t quite materialise. 

Getting used to the fitness equipment slowly and how it safely works will also result in a stable relationship and a stable fitness exercise promotion.  Achieving small set goals each time the exercise equipment is used will result in continued interest and sustainable fitness exercise results.  Any type of fitness equipment you buy will have various modes of difficulty and resistance settings.  You may find that you gradually increase the resistance of the exercise equipment and the repetitions of the fitness exercise routine over a short period of time. Before you know it tangible results are shown. When you get to a sticking point remember where you started from, this is a sign of progress!

Next time you see some fitness equipment remember that the way you perceive the exercise equipment will be how you feel about it and how you act upon it. can help you chose the fitness equipment companion but holds no responsibility in your fitness exercise routine choice. If you are not sure of your physical ability please consult your GP before starting a fitness exercise routine and purchasing your fitness equipment.

H.G.Williams is an Independent fitness equipment reviewer


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