How to Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Grace Buckingham says:

This is scientifically proven and will work for anyone who needs to lose
weight. Eating a small healthy snack every 2 hours for two weeks helped me
drop 8 pounds and a crazy amount of inches even though I am a normal weight
teen. I am now doing HIIT workouts once in a while and I haven’t had any
trouble with low energy at all. I wake up early every morning and eat lots
of fruits, vegetables, and protein through out the day. I grew up with
extreme exhaustion and at one point could sleep for four days if I wanted.
I’ve always been average height and weight but now I’m on the low side of
the scale yet very curvy. I promise I am just a normal human. I’m in high
school and I’m just helping a sister out. The first three days or so you
might feel really full eating so often but if you take a laxative an hour
after each snack it will pass ­čśë green tea is awesome! Lemon water is
awesome! Cut the fast food and junk food, coffee and sugary juice,
calories, carbs and fat, dairy and bread, pasta and pizza. It has changed

Jeremiah Dixon says:

Love the accent, also very beautiful.´╗┐

Zulfiqar Ali says:

nice video and suggestions´╗┐

Mahamad Alam says:

u r very cute ……and thanks for the tips .i try this´╗┐

justicedawnvic says:

you are to cute! ( no homo ) those adorable cheeks aha´╗┐

puja singh says:

hey sapna how can i loose weight without any strech mark on my body ???´╗┐

Santhoshrajkiran Bobby says:

Hi my name is santhoshrajkiran my weight is 105 how can i reduce´╗┐

Namrata M says:

Hey sapna, I have put on a lot of weight since last year and I almost look
the way you look in your earlier pics. My work is mojorly on laptop, so a
lot of sitting but if you can suggest something so that I can lose calories
while sitting . I am very scared, I dun want to put on more weight. Can you
suggest a good diet plan? I will be grateful.´╗┐

Kelyrin's Cooking & Bento says:

Thank you for this video !! You are sooooo pretty !!! ­čÖé ´╗┐

Rema Lusamabo says:

I love her accent´╗┐

Mahi Rahi Sami says:

Wow you are great´╗┐

Ana Harman says:


Zodintluanga Ralte says:

oi …´╗┐

ambitiousindividual says:

I’m watching from Australia. You’re awesome Sapna´╗┐

Sushat Singh says:

You are simply amazing !! Cool ;)´╗┐

Manal Gh44 says:

the music in the background so annoying ´╗┐

MyLifeMyStoryy Msp says:

Does this work? I wants to know before I try it :(´╗┐

erhn axu says:

Can we have a subtitle please?´╗┐

asik mohamed says:

Give me your Twitter ID to follow´╗┐

Shridhar Murthy says:

Good tip.Reduce volume of background voice please…´╗┐

sethuram senthilkumar says:

Woah! really helpful, soo simple yet soo effective. P.S. Great job on the
weight loss you look amazing. ­čśÇ Watching from Singapore.´╗┐

Harshavardhan Devde says:

Sapna Patel :

No doubts for now ..
Just wanted to say ,

U look
WOW !!´╗┐

Sheela Jena says:

i live in a small town so no any gym for ladies .suggest some exersise
whice do in mimimum space. actually , since 3-4 month i have take
lome-honey water in empty stomach,do yoga in the evening for 30- 45 m.
still no any changes in my weight. i take breakefast everyday which is
full of vegitable, take my lunch, butttttttttt but in the evening i always
confuse what to take in snake and this paticular time i feel very
hungry…….. so i grab anything like noodles , paatties… jhal
muri……….. and i skip some times mi dinner . so plz suggest something
snake also and its batter to know me the recipes how to
make.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me sapna i my fad up …….. thanks.´╗┐

Mohit Manuja says:

yes all good valid relevant advice´╗┐

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