How To Build Bigger Bicep Triceps Fast (Homemade “TRX” Workout) – Big Brandon Carter

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bigpimpin6647 says:

haha kid probably misses you

robtblrg says:

Gym rat got a hard one lol

hgargrocks says:

yes brandon plz do it 🙂

never1234567891 says:

yo i thought it was brandoncartertv not just brandon carter

redsnow701 says:

Can you post a video about your weekly meal plan?

DiScUrNmEnT says:

You finally getting bigger.

lufc339 says:

he’s done that before, got a million workouts on his channel

Charlie7250 says:

You have the best abs ever, never seen such perfect abs, I know you’ve already got one but please make a video of exactly what you do on what days each week for your abs, would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks.

RJosh1994 says:

Hey Brandon, loving your videos man, could I get your advice on my current workout routine?

Mon – Chest & Tris
Tue - biceps & Shoulders
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Chest & Tris
Friday – Biceps & Shoulders
Saturday – Rest or Cardio (Half an hour jog on the treadmill)
Sunday – Legs & Back

I am currently 140lbs, 5’6 and 18 years old and looking to gain muscle to be like you, In the 160-180 range.

DigableDude says:

I can’t wait to try that! My biceps can use a switch up from the routine.

lior raif says:

So im was sniffing ur site and I figured out two things
You said the best time to to HIIT is after workout but you also told its good to do it on morning..
Can I do HIIT in morning and after workout?
And is there any HIIT I can do at home ?
Guys please thumbs up so he can answer me
I really want to change my body, made the TRX and bought weights

lior raif says:

I was*

Deki Dejan says:

Sir I am glad I’ve found this channel…Your videos are inspiring and you obviously know what you’re talking about…

Hobby Williams says:

Say man, could you do a video for working the back / lats – hitting the muscle from different angles – . ..and thanks for the tips, they have help improved my workouts and increased my strength / endurance.

Rithic sparky says:

at 2.06 i can see a muscle near you chest,below your arms ,what is its name?

ALeonidas67 says:

epic video

Buckeyes202 says:

Needs to make an ab video of exactly what he does

chokok321 says:

how many reps should be donE? or until you cant do it anymore?

bradcortes says:

Nice tutorial B.C – Ive been looking for a good biceps/triceps workout using ‘TRX’ and this came out as my fav. Keep up the good work!

Element27 says:

Latissimus dorsi, but everyone calls them “lats” for short. 

MegaBucifal says:

Brandon, you have the best videos, from Ireland.

Kevin Huerta says:

Hey Brandom, awesome videos man… do dropsets help you increasing the suze of your muscles?? sorry for my bad english…

StrandedMooCow says:

You can curl 160 in the gym. Full of shit.

IDFKYogi13 says:

I wish Brandon was my homie /:

realericreyna says:

what about workouts for beginners??? 

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