How To Do A Reverse Crunch Correctly – Top Exercise For Lower Abs

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How To Do A Reverse Crunch Correctly- Top Exercise For Lower Abs

When it comes to the best lower ab exercises for getting a more defined core and improving lower ab strength, reverse crunches might be one of the best. But, they’re also one of the most overlooked exercises, in part, because a lot of us don’t know the proper form to get the best results.

So in this quick guide, I wanted to help you discover the proper technique for how to do a reverse crunch correctly, along with some basic sets, reps and routine recommendations so that you can get great results from this exercise.

How To Do A Reverse Crunch Correctly – The Basics (0:30)

The reverse crunch is different from a regular crunch in that, instead of bringing your chin to your core, we’re actually going to be bringing our legs up to our core. So to do this, we need to create a deficit so your legs can drop down below your core. We’ll do this by using a bench or stable platform like you’ll see in the video.

How To Do A Reverse Crunch Correctly – The Form Tutorial (1:15)

Now, there are a few other important setup points for how to do a reverse crunch correctly that you’ll learn about here. But one of the most important focuses here is how you actually crunch your legs up. Because there is a big danger not rolling your hips up to really engage those lower abs, otherwise you won’t be getting the effects you want.

How To Do A Reverse Crunch Correctly – Summary (3:29)

Here’s a quick overview of the main form points to look out for with this exercise. In this section, you’ll also discover the basic routine recommendations along with the proper sets and reps to get the most out of this lower ab exercise.

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