How to Increase Your Punching Power with 1 Exercise

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To get more benefits from asanas and other yoga exercises your nasal passage should be clean so that you can easily concentrate on your breathing.


Sandra Carvalho says:

yep i agree. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming
outside even we work out well. And I heard that most of the celebrities
used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. get to know

satya narayana says:

Really Good Video, Thank You! Breathing is Life and I know its value
personally. I could totally eliminate my anger attitude, sinusitis and
stress by doing 64 times deep breathings as suggested by “deep breaths”
iPhone app by Lokesh . There is also a great guided meditation which always
gives me great relaxation and freshness.


I find this easier to do with a $20 bill rolled up in my nostril.

Gixeer75 says:


Josie Dakota says:


Ramamoorthi Jayaraj says:


vikashi says:


Xdeadweight says:

Are you from around philly?

Omar Quid says:

Shane i get that this drill is for the 1,2 combination works the jab and
cross, but what about uppercut power? same mechanics? like if you throw a
left uppercut you twist your left hip and feet and likewise on the right

24/7 Hockey says:

That looked extremely retarded. Just saying

Mikko Kanerva says:

This wouldn’t work like you think.
”Jack Dempsey’s falling step” hint… hint…

Mark Pubate says:

Shit, I should have watched this a while ago ’cause I got a fight tonight.

Lalit Kumar says:

You dont know anything about boxing…not even when to spin hips and foot
when we do punch….stop making fool of others and yourself also…go get a
good trainer and learn how to box….!!!!

amy emam says:

That’s kool, I was juss reminded this last week. :)

Kenan Kabbani says:

lol, megaman shorts

Eye RULE says:

Don’t take boxing lessons from a guy that chicken wings his jab!

Marcos Bon says:

where can i get those MEGAMAN trunks?

ximshane123x says:

Hey my name is shane lol :)

alexander definshi says:

dude did u watch hajime no ippo?

Barrack Obama says:

or just invest in a replica pistol and the next time someone fucks with you
just pull that shit out and watch them cry

Squidwards Feet? says:

1:27 mute the video and see how stupid this looks

Vig2015 says:

Nothing is easier than using your own body, mind, and spirit to create the
highest level of potential in marital arts. The hard stuff is baseball,
football, every day jobs requiring college degrees and training, etc.

Garoosh says:

my dear…hes cute.

Jeffrey Lippold says:

This is a joke. This guy know nothing about boxing…lol. Has he ever been
in a fight. I would be kinder if he wasn’t paying for promotion. But since
he is. Son your boxing sucks. 

A. Nus McFaggot says:

what’s with the step with his right foot? I didn’t learn it like that, and
i never saw anyone do it like that…what a douche

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