How to Lose Weight

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The question is what do I need to do to reduce my weight? There is no mantra to chant that will help you to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, there are four things you need to keep in mind. First, right diet. If you think you don’t eat much at all anyway, think again. Maybe you are not aware of how much you are eating. Eat mindfully and you will know. And, when you are eating don’t do anything else. Don’t watch tv, don’t read book, don’t do anything else. Just eat and you will know how much you are actually eating. So, the right amount of food remains the ultimate principle of losing weight. If you are burning more than you are eating, you will lose. If you are accumulating more than you are burning, you will gain weight.

Some people are blessed with very good metabolism and they burn faster. Some are not. So, depending upon where you are, you have to adjust your calorie intake based on that.

Listen to this insightful discourse by Om Swami to find out how to lead a healthy and balanced life and start the New Year with a healthy way of life.

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