How to Lose Weight Fast No Exercise No Diet! My Health Tips!

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How to lose weight fast and easy, without exercise or dieting, with these simple, easy health tips! My ultimate health tips guide to losing weight fast tips, what to wear, review, and healthy advice! My clothes are from here: / If you’re considering The Flex Belt, get more info here: I get my Fit Tea from here:

Losing weight is ultimately a lifestyle decision, but you can instantly appear thinner just by what you wear, and how you stand and I’ll show you here! Plus my healthy tea obsession of the moment, and simple things you can do to shave pounds without exercising or dieting!

My beige and black lace dress is from here:

Links to all outfit pieces here:

Black sweater leather sleeves:
Black wide leg jumpsuit:

Black/beige cardigan:
Black/white cardigan:
Black tribal shawl:

Pattern tunic top:
Black cardigan:

Black/white checker dress:

Black peplum top:
Black/white striped skirt:
Deep red mermaid skirt:

Boot cut/wide leg jeans:
Gray crop top:

Black jumpsuit with leg slits:
V hemline black dress & belt:

Plunge neckline tropical dress:

Halter top tribal print:
Cap sleeve top:

Black flare sleeve top:
White off the shoulder bodysuit:

Empire top:

Dark red mermaid skirt:
Crimson red tunic top:
Black leather mermaid skirt:

Black/white striped skirt:
Pink/black striped dress:

Blue pattern skirt:

Hi-low lace trim dress:
Hi-low teal skirt:

Sequin crop top:
Black diagonal skirt:

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Note: I did this review based on viewer requests. Sometimes people send me stuff, and Flex Belt sent me the belt in exchange for my honest review, and I did it coz you guys asked. My opinions are not for sale, and you can trust me that I will always tell you my true thoughts, because you are the most important thing to me. If I like something, I’ll tell you, if I don’t, I’ll tell you, and if I’m undecided, I’ll tell you! Thank you for being on this journey with me!

I love you all! XOXO

KVTV’s first venture into health and fitness. Giving advice and tips on exercise diet and more
The first series of shows sees Neicy at her local gym in Gasparillo.
More and more KVTV presenters are starting to appear in other media houses.
GiGi appeared on Crime Stoppers

Neicy on Gayelle TV and OMG magazine

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KellyVillageTV says:
Nekisha Cyrus says:

NEICY hosting KVTV’S very first Fitness Show 🙂


Honey Doll says:

such a coincidence i just google these past few days about this topic
hahaha cause i gain a few weight and searching for what clothes that my
body type fit and about the detoxing i love you girl <3 

Morgana Oakley says:

Is her hair naturally that long?

MC ZG says:

The tea contains, Guarana.
Guarana is the plant form of Ephedrine.
Ephedrine is the virgin form of Speed!
It’s what makes the drug Addicting.
It’s banned because people were dying from it back in the 90’s.
And you do lose weight with it … That’s the addicting ingredient in Speed
& Heroine… Why do you think those people are super thin? If you don’t
believe me… Google it!
Do your research, please!

Marialena K. says:

Great tips Spankie. But here’s the strugle. What should I do? I wanna GAIN
weight. And its so so so so so hard because of my betabolism. I eat all the
time and I just cant do this anymore. I used to go to the gym and this kind
of helped me out and I am starting out again next month 🙂 BUT what should
I eat? My body burns everything out so fast.Not to mention I am really tall
1.80 m(like yeah shit).

VictoryFireDailyLife says:

I think the different brands of tea, like Fit Tea are a rip off. You can
find a tea of those teas at any grocery store or if you are like my father
buy big bags of each tea in loose leaf form. If you can afford to do that.
Still saves you money over time though. 

Extra Sugar says:

I own the Flex Belt, and it absolutely works, you just have to keep using

girlybubbles101 says:

This are great tips for people how want to lose weight!!!!!!!!!!

Diana Vizcarra says:

You look soo beautiful in all the outfits

theodora kouklitsa says:

Another awesome video from spankie !!! You look stunning . Keep the awesome
work ! =)

Valentine Mistress says:

I wanted to start slimming down 🙂 so thanks for the Tips Spanky <3

up4atgal says:

Loved the tips and the fashion was on point. xx

Shannon Roberson says:

Thanks for the video.. I’m going to check out the tea

Tawni Jules says:

if doing crunches and similar exercises hurts your neck, then you are doing
them incorrectly

Vanessa Carrillo says:

Ur so awesome Spankie I love u so much BTW I shared this video with my

2bizarr says:

I got a bigger tummy and narrow hips (both I’m somewhat insecure about).
I’m 12 years old and in middle school. I live in Canada so it’s cold and I
can’t wear shorts/skirts. Any tips for me? :)

Dean Stowak says:

*Most people who go on “low” carbohydrate diets complain of low energy and
quit, not because such diets can’t work, but because they consume
insufficient calories. A 1/2 cup of rice is 300 calories, whereas a 1/2 cup
of spinach is 15 calories! Vegetables are not calorically dense, so it is
critical that you add legumes for caloric load.*

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