How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Close Want to know how to lose weight without dieting? In this video I will give you tips to help you lose weigh…


PrettyKeli says:

Want to know How to lose weight without dieting?

naturaldiva87 says:

I love your videos they are so informative and funny. Please keep them
coming! I will be trying these tips real soon. thx prettykeli

Iracema Perez says:

I love this Girl 😛 tanks for your awesome tips! 🙂 keep it up.!

wafa saleh says:

Is green tea healthy

Emily J. says:

My problem is that I just want to keep eating and eating … what can I do
that will help me not keep eating?

Artist Wonders says:

Great Tips! I used to do the things you say not to thanks!

InspiredBeauty says:

ok i seriosuly lov u and ur videos❤️❤️ thank u so so much for posting

Cera Farringer says:

keep posting these videos! they are so helpful! and can you maybe make a
video about when you are pushing yourself too much and how to keep yourself
balanced! thank you so much!

EfratDaf Daf says:

Thankkkk youu it helped meeee allllooottttt

geetha song says:

To ordinary folks who want to burn pounds–but can’t get started. Go and
google Skinnimaker System right away.

Daisygoldenprincess says:

I’m 14, and I’m trying to work on loosing weight and I love your channel
and your videos !!

anointed2wait says:

Great tips!!! I started corset training and get full very quick trying to
eat; issue is gotta take it off its too tight lol. Other tips are AVOID
eating late @ night, have an eating curfew (mine is 4-6pm)…if you have to
have something chew flavored gum or vegetables/fruit. I mostly eat what I
want but add healthy foods to it too. I try to avoid eating if I’m not
hungry which is hard cuz I like eating lol…I’m working on it :)

Diana Tulisov says:

Don’t eat after 6:00

Stacey Kim says:

LOL 1:44!!! you’re hilariouss

Alexandrea J. says:

That’s sooo smart! I like this idea!! And you aren’t lying about eating
watching TV because i get cravings when I’m watching certain shows!! :)

Court Bradley says:

Hi before I started to try and lose weight I was looking at the wrong sites
so I’d like to say thank you cause your tips have really helped me thank
you so much !!!!!! 

Sharae Gibson says:

Very helpful! Thanks!

Laura Lopez says:

This is so helpful!! 

Ranyah Patel says:

This is so helpful, as most diets consist on intimidating actions which
make you dread it. This one provides a both simple and friendly diet.
Another tip is to drink ice cold water as your body works to process it and
burns calories.

Ravyn Alfred says:

Drink a lot of water. Flushes out all the toxins and things left behind.
vary helpful

Aarti Lount says:

Woman’s body already contains the losing weight hormone, all you need to do
is to make your weight loss hormone working, this process called Metabolic
Override. Then, you can reduce weight easily without restricting the foods
you crave most

PrettyKeli says:

▶ How to Lose Weight Without Dieting – YouTube

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