How to Stay Motivated To Be Healthy and Fit In The New Year by the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

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Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

It’s easy to make a New Year’s resolution to adopt a healthy lifestyle, get fit and lose weight. The hard part is making it a routine and staying motivated to stick to your new year’s resolution all year long. With this in mind, Dr. Kevin Sadati has created an expert tip sheet that can help people remain motivated and excited about their weight loss goals.

“Creating realistic goals and rewarding yourself along the way are great ways to stay motivated while you stick to a new diet and exercise routine. Losing weight the right way is not a quick or easy process, and it can be difficult as it is filled with many plateaus. These tips are designed to help people actually keep their resolution this year as they begin a healthier lifestyle,” noted Dr. Kevin Sadati.

What Are The Best Tips for Staying Motivated in 2014?

When you make your resolution, decide that it is a new lifestyle choice rather than a temporary diet. This is why it is essential that you choose a realistic diet because if you want to keep the weight off you will have to stick to this new plan in the long term.

Set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t try to lose 100 pounds in the next 6 months. Instead, focus on losing 5 to 15 pounds per month until you reach your goal.

Turn your new exercise commitment into a routine. Decide that you will always go to the gym prior to heading to the office, and make it a part of your daily routine. Soon it will be second nature.

Ask a friend, family member or spouse to commit to the same resolution. Having this support can help you stick to your new plan. Join a work-out class together or become gym partners.

With these tips in mind, 2014 will surely be the year that people actually lose the weight that they want to lose. However, many people are surprised when they look in the mirror and see their reflection after significant weight loss. Their skin might be hanging in all the wrong places, and they might actually feel like they look older than they really are. For these people, visiting a cosmetic surgery center may be the perfect reward for all of that hard work.

The Natural Facelift is a great example of a revolutionary cosmetic surgery procedure developed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati. During this procedure, Dr. Kevin Sadati uses a unique approach in order to easily and quickly eliminate excess skin and tighten muscles on the face. Patients find that they look about 10 to 20 years younger after this surgery. This procedure produces some of the most natural-looking facelift results, as well as the longest lasting. Most patients enjoy the results from the Natural Facelift for between 10-15 years. Additionally, the Natural Lower Face and Neck Lift is preformed under local anesthia. Eliminating many of the risks and prolonged recovery associated with Traditional Facelifts.

Those who are interested in this type of facial rejuvenation procedure should set up a free consultation appointment with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati.

For more information on cosmetic surgery procedures for after weight loss, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office in sunny Orange County, California.


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