How to Stretch Routine – Improve Flexibility Exercises – HASfit Static Stretches Cool Down Exercise

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Learn how to stretch with this total body stretching exercise routine to improve flexibility. These static stretches can be performed as a cool down after exercise or any other time. Visit for the flexibility exercises instructions, more videos, free meal plans, and other health tips. for the best free flexibility workout and stretch exercise for men and women at home or in gym. We provide fitness programs for varying fitness levels because every heart and soul deserves to be fit.

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Having defined obliques & serratus all comes down to diet, cardio, and proper exercise. Diet and cardio will help you obtain the lower bodyfat % you need to SEE your obliques & serratus, but unless you work the area and build some muscle you are never going to have those deep cuts.

(1:18)- Wood Chopper:
(2:53)- Standing Oblique Crunch:
(4:02)- Side Oblique Crunch:
(5:17)- Advanced Windmill- Torso Twist:
(6:05)- Floor Wiper:

These are four of my favorite exercises to target the area and if done properly, you will see DEEP CUTS in no time! #HTH

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Royal D says:

2:10 the fatman in the background throwing off my focus

Dan Clauser says:

My wife figured out how to spot reduce fat over 14 years ago

Kushmika Ranasinghe says:

after how many weeks will you see results??

shanna politte says:

Why is your shirt on.

WannabePotatoe says:

Impressive, thanks for an awesome how to!

Durim Zeneli says:

I like it how he has a very humble tone.

Nixon Chan says:

youre brilliant Scott, so helpful, world be so much nicer if everyone like
you, l LOVE working out too, u ever in hongkong, at least invite u for meal
man :)

Alex Vincent says:

His shirt is broken

Patrick Kong says:

Okay you went from like beginner mode to strait hardcore mode 

Xochitl Gonzalez says:

nip slip

billytheweasel says:

Great advice as always. I don’t do catabolic cardio, however. I do hill
sprints; 6 sets of 12+ seconds w/ rest between. This increase natural HGH
production a lot. And not catabolic like cardio. Remember to rest enough.

Note; some aesthetic bodybuilders do not develop obliques because they want
a tapered waist, no blocky. Laying overhead extension instead.

FIREHAWK1979 says:

The best oblique exercise I’ve ever done are TRX style oblique crunches. Be
sure your hands are positioned so the knees can’t reach the elbows. Much
better than the techno gym ab machine.

Pwninqfull says:

Aren’t the last 2 excercises bad for lower back / hips?

Wallerbi says:

Get deep cuts just like him with clenbuterol..

Walfrey Don Simporios says:

Thank you so much for this video!! 🙂 really appreciate it… it really
hurts but the feeling after the workout is phenomenal!!

gabriel aguilar says:

Fuck Yeaa these exercises go hard

macho tony says:

Everyone is doing cardio and he is the only one using the cable machines.
You’d think they would get a clue?

Mak Ten says:

5:54 holy shit, thats how you snap ALL your shit up. You should put a
warning on that excercise

Carl Benedict Cagigas says:

can this stop growth in doing this exercises?

mark caleb says:

this guy is very good at training and teaching. Unlike most YouTubers who
make money from videos, he actually deserves it. he has hundreds of videos
and they are very helpful.

Rogerthat says:

Give me a knife and i’ll show you some extra deep cuts

Jakob Kapor says:

What if you’re not flexible enough to do these exercises?

Jaidon Ontiveros says:

6:38 #dontshoot

Jack luis says:

Thanks you really i love your videos i try to do it every day
Saludos desde venezuela ^^

TK PrinPrin says:

I do dynamic warm up, low impact workout and follow by tus

Tanya Walker says:

This was great after your total body strength routine. whew!

jesspraise35 says:

I love, love, and love your workouts. They are challenging, but your voice
helps me push forward. lol I feel really great after.

Jeremy F says:

you’re the man coach, Love the opportunity you give us with these free
workouts i love you <3 keep up the great work =D

The3N00bigos says:

I was doing the stretch at 9:00 for about 4 minutes before I realized the
video froze XD

TK PrinPrin says:

I do dynamic warm up, low impact and follow by this cool down exercise.
It’s great. Thank you Coach!

chico rivera says:

My typically advice, is When you want to increase ROM static stretching can
be very useful. This is best done within one hour after finishing strength
or endurance training. Then the negative effects on performance and risk of
injury are no longer a concern and the muscles and tendons are already
warmed up. Static stretching performed on a day without any other training
can be very useful as well. Make sure to warm up properly beforehand.
Finally, Static stretching can be relaxing, both physically and mentally.
The stretches you perform should be comfortable and require minimal
exertion. This can give your body and brain a chance to relax. Taking deep,
slow breaths is recommended while performing static stretches. In my
experienced, this reduces feelings of stress. One of the side effects of
stress is increased tension in the muscles. Static stretching can help
alleviate this tension.

Somar29 says:

Great video, no muscle pain when jogging anymore. 

Georgi Georgiev says:

Excelent show of how to stretch good, nice talk nice guide, just keep it up
bro, really helped me out there on how to stretch better :)

redhotgenius says:

Genuine comment here. This stretching routine has changed my life. Even
after the first time I did it (after a nice warm up and weight lifting) I
had noticeable increase to my range of motion, muscle control, mind-body
connection – not to mention how limber I have been since. It is improving
the efficacy of lifting weights and has dramatically cut my recovery time.

Thank you Hasfit, I recommend this stretching routine to any and everyone. 

dru. says:

This video really needed to be done shirtless.

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