I tried Kpop idol IU’s diet for FAST WEIGHT LOSS | 아이유 다이어트 해봤어요! I lost 7 pounds in 3 days

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I tried IU’s diet for 3 days and lost 7lbs..

I ate 1 apple for breakfast, 2 sweet potatoes for lunch and a protein shake for dinner which is 523 calories in total. On top of that I went to the gym for 2 hrs all 3 days. This puts me in a caloric deficit which means I’m taking in lower calories than I am burning, therefore, losing weight. So yeah I basically starved myself for 3 days.
Most of the weight I did lose was from water weight. 2 days after this diet I have gained back 2 pounds. Like almost all diets, most (if not all) of the weight comes back after beginning to eat normally. What does last is a healthy lifestyle.
I don’t eat like this normally. This video was for educational and entertainment purposes.

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