Ideal Fitness Releases 2 Brand New Videos All About Losing Weight Fast

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(PRWEB) June 16, 2012

Ideal Fitness Trends, a fitness based, personal training company out of New York has just released 2 brand new videos all about losing weight fast. The reason for the release of these 2 videos is due to the vast amount of confusion swirling around the internet in regards to people who are trying to drop the pounds fast just in time for the summer.

According to the 2 videos, the fastest way to lose weight does not have to be done through the use of crash dieting, silly fad diets, boring cardio routines, or strenuous weight-lifting routines that leaves the individual tired, un-motivated and hopeless. A lot of those programs, according to the videos and descriptions underneath them will give the individual results, however, because of the intense nature of all the training elements combined, the individual will most likely fall off the wagon, lose motivation, and gain all of the weight back again.

One of the biggest exercise elements an individual can utilize if he or she is asking themselves how can I lose weight is through the use of interval training. According to the description underneath one of the videos, it states that interval training is far superior then regular slow, boring cardio for fat loss because it revs up the metabolism for hours on end after the initial training period is over. This is something that cannot happen with regular steady-state cardio whether that is on a bike, treadmill, or elliptical.

So the biggest take away from one of the videos for an individual looking to lose weight fast is to drop the regular cardiovascular exercise and start performing some form of intense, interval training exercises, which can be done outside, inside on a piece of equipment or even with dumbbells.

The second big take away according to the other video is that if individual is not sure what to eat to lose weight, then the biggest thing he or she needs to do is cut out all of the carbohydrates from their diet, especially anything that has wheat listed as an ingredient. The reason for this, according to the description underneath the video is wheat can cause weight gain, bloat, gas, and water retention inside the human body, causing weight loss to be hard and slow.

All in all, if one wants to lose weight in the fastest time frame possible, but in a healthy manner, he or she should start performing some form of interval training and drop all wheat based products from their diet.


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