Insane burn 1100 calories and with this home workout

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Close I dare you to try this excerise and do 5 sets if you can. I had one person burn 1300 calories off this program . wow it still blows my mind. Try it and no cost to you? lose weight in 30 days FREE DIET PLAN go WWW.FIGHTFITCARDIO.COM download Free Belly Fat Eliminator Kit . Limited time only Cardio Core Beginner Intermediate Advance Work/rest work/rest work/rest Burpee 30sec/30sec 45sec/15sec 60sec/0 Ground Runs 30sec/30sec 45sec/15sec 60sec/0 Hot Coals 30sec/30sec 45sec/15sec 60sec/0 Ground knee 30sec/30sec 45sec/15sec 60sec/0 Jack Knives 30sec/30sec 45sec/15sec 60sec/0 Reverse J-Knives 30sec/30sec 45sec/15sec 60sec/0 Set Rest : 60sec :45:sec :30sec This work out is a calorie buster but you have to put the work in to reach a 1100 calorie burn.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


g92455 says:

really ?? does it work?

Kerem Gun says:

By doing this I lost 25 ponds I can’t believe it!!!!! Thanks

niron shrestha says:

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PSGrafixTV says:

yeah thats because you’re just a little kid with lots of energy, plus you weigh 48kg, so theres no need for you to be doing excersises like this in the first place, your body is still growing.

Bonina Skrijelj says:

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Ace Joe says:

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Hassan Samsudin says:

how long do you take to lose 25 pounds?

Hassan Samsudin says:

how long do you take to lose 40 pounds?

Suman Giri says:

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wahgan says:

hard a great sweat!

mage nama says:

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Mica Polster says:

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RUSHisRIGHT09 says:

How often should you do this? Once every other day or what??

Hassan Samsudin says:

my chest and back hurts after doing the 2nd workout …

MultiShowie says:

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Jahid Tanjil says:

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metallifan11 says:

That guy has the longest arms ever!

Ayesha Thandeniya says:

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mykymyky0001 says:

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munnabdjsr1 says:

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kamalkha0 says:

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TheAbStand says:

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BeautifulLife124 says:


jerimias2k says:

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Nanda Suryawan says:

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Krzysiek Kreszta says:

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Sujan tuladhar says:

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amumud says:

Thanks guys

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