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I am starting intermittent fasting for weight loss. I think intermittent fasting for truckers is the way to go because we sit so much. In my first intermittent fast I lost nearly 13 pounds in just under 4 days so the results of my intermittent fast were very good. This week I lost about 7 pounds in 67 hours of fasting. I don’t have an intermittent fast diet yet other than don’t eat during the fast. I used mineral water and Himalayan sea salt as well during my intermittent fast. Diabetics will not be able to do this. Is fasting hard to do? Yes, but so are lot of things. Ready to try your own fast? I am going to do one every week so I will let you know how it goes. Truck drivers who fast can lose weight. Fasting is how to lose weight if you sit all day like we do. If you want to know if intermittent fasting works to lose weight I will tell you my results.

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