Is Morgan OKAY?! | Plus a Healthy Eating Tip For Parrots

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Lesson 1 – How do you get parrots to eat HEALTHY FOODS? Spinach, for example, is something my birds love when it’s tiny and disguisable as something else… so if you food process spinach, they will eat it! Green glop, yes. Green leafs… NO! Try changing the texture and temperature of healthy foods for your bird. for my Cooking For Parrots cookbook set!!!

Lesson 2 – to sign up for early notification and $10 OFF our newest parrot training series!!!

Lesson 3 – My priorities were crap this week 🙁 I WISH I would have skipped the session with Morgan, put her away and spent some good quality time with my macaw, Jinx. He has been SO PATIENT! But I had tunnel vision and worked with Morgan instead which was great for her, but still. My birds should still remain my priority even when someone else’s has further to go. Time management, self!

Lesson 4 – Holy moly BRAVERY progress, Morgan, right?! There ain’t nothing stopping her this week!!!! Well, except maybe her assumption of knowing where I am 😉

PS – A big thank you to my galah Bondi (bond-eye, even though I was just calling her by her many nicknames in this video) for keeping this video so entertaining and keeping me laughing through a session. She literally flies like that outside, too. And when it’s her AND Bandit… watch out… so much fun!!

PPS – Were titles up long enough? Was audio better? 🙂 Tell me in a comment, please!


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