Is Your Mood Bad When Dieting? Here’s Why

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Is Your Mood Bad When Dieting? Here's Why

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


ayesha girl says:

OMG Thx soo much so will try this I think this was my problem and u solved
it so happy thank you so so so much!

ChuckMothaEfenNorris says:

Hi christina I had my son 10 months ago.i gained 60 lbs and was only able
to loose 12 lbs.ive tried spinning, hcg drops, running, insanity workout,
counting calories etc., what can I do that will work.Please help

Bojan. Dimitrijevski says:

Tossing away your unwanted weight becomes easier with the help of

puna b says:

Being fat is a disease and the best way to cure is thhrough

dami ayodeji says:

Hi just wanted to ask I did what you said I realised I only eat three times
a week those that mean I have a slow metabolism

Rose M says:

Christina, I want to start off by saying that you are gorgeous and I am so
appreciative that you made this video. I’ve been trying for YEARS to lose
weight. I lost 30 pounds last year (I was 190, now I am 160) and I have my
last 20-25 to go! Being 5’5, that would be perfect and ideal. Watching this
video COMPLETELY changed my mentality, and it has made me eat so much less
throughout my day. I drink about 2 liters of water and tea/day, and realize
that I only truly get hungry about once or twice a day after I watched this
video. I am going to keep this as a lifestyle tip, and only eat when I feel
-2 and stop when I feel +2 😉 thanks so much! I’ll let you know how it goes

dami ayodeji says:

Hi just wanted to ask I did what you said I realised I only eat three times
a week those that mean I have a slow metabolism

Kalyan K-O says:

That’s actually “dieting”

sami82khovhkhe . says:

Have you ever heard of folks melting fat–and delighting in three full
scrumptious meals at the same time? Go Google Skinnimaker Super Foods to
learn more.

Loyd Lomongo says:

My sister has been able to go about a really healthy combination of diet
and exercise with the help of ExprezSliminizer.

wendy chan says:

Hi Christina =) I’ve been researching about a lot of diet plans and work
out routines, and each of them had their own specific rules or restrictions
to follow in order for us to lose weight. I find your method very simple,
easy and just straightforward..which is great because given the situation
I’m in for school and job i need to constantly dine out and i can’t find
the time to eat at home…couldn’t agree more with what you said and I’m
def gonna try it out…its just the scale part that made me a bit
confused….still not sure when to stop eating and when am i truly full

bente reekers says:

Hoi Christina,
I know that i eat because i’m mad because i’m not able to play tennis
anymore because of bad knees. i did it every day. . But how can i stop
being so mad at the world. This i am asking you seriues, i am 39 kilo
havior than 2 years ago. How can i stop this. Please give me some advice,
Bente from the Netherlands

Raducanu Adrian says:

Stop worrying about weightloss and start your weightloss journey TODAY with

shukki siva says:

This is a great method but execise is totally needed. Because otherwise
your just eating less calories but your not burning them therefore you are
not losing weight.

shukki siva says:

Everyone who has trouble losing weight should go on fitnessblender youtube

Carl Taylor says:

*The Yacon Diet has been clinically proven to be effective in weight
reduction, trimming waistlines, improving bowel movement and reducing the
body mass index. Because it is rich in fructooligosaccharides (FOS) that
are not affected by digestive enzymes*

Coleman Discompard says:

There’s no way to lose weight without risk without exercise correctly and
control the nutrition. Drugs & pills include unsafe negative effects.

David Morgan says:


Ghaz Zafar says:

NICE grammer. Need more MEAL videos.

Mikhil Jagadeesh says:

It’s ironic you uploaded this as I experienced this yesterday … Wow ..
Thanks B

MisterBinx says:

I’ve noticed when I’m not eating a lot and I lose weight too fast my mood
is shit. It’s almost like a low level depression. Cutting out carbs is a
really bad idea. You need to lose weight at a healthy rate.

Mike Hunt says:

LMAO! That dude in red shorts gives ZERO fucks about what Brandon is
talking about. You can see him yawn, look the other way and at one point
check his phone. #broscience 

Brandon Carter says:

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the
secret of success.”

-Swami Sivananda

91ROYO says:

1:54 You should have stopped mid sentence and be like. .. “o what am i
borin you nigga”!?

BennyOcean says:

The diet he’s advocating must be super low carb I guess? 

michael pugsley says:

im hypoglyemic. great

Paris Patterson says:

that’s crazy, gotta meditate 

MrlDase says:

My question is how does this benefit fatloss

Hywooz zoowyh says:

How is it that BBC has big biceps, but almost no veins on it, like most
other bodybuilder-dudes have?

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