Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism: Cardio Warm Up

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Boost your metabolism and prepare to shred your muscles through dynamic stretching exercises in this 5 minute cardio warm up workout. This workout is from Ji…


dancingqwerty says:

So erm, what do I do if I can’t touch my toes? Haha

Federica Conti says:

Hello, I’m an Italian girl and I do not understand very well what it says
Jillian. I wanted to know if it says how long it should last a exercise (if
you do not want to watch his video), how many times you have to repeat the
circuit and how many days it is useful to make a circuit. I apologize for
the bad english and thank you for your attention!

xXMassEffectGirlXx says:

Lol sorry her boobs arent fake ass balloons

Sophie Fry says:

I pulled muscles in both my shoulders doing this!

lizzy newman says:

the absolute best alternative to doing circuit training at the gym! this is
my favorite cardio video ever.

Małgorzata Włodarska says:

I guess it isn’t too difficult for me as I thought, I did it and I am not
exhausted I am not even tired.

Abril Alejandra says:

I agree with you.

Валентина Радиковна says:

Hello, and tell your workouts need every day to do?

bluegirlxx1 says:


Destiny Davis says:

Her boobies are a little wierd, but look at those arms! 😀

sweetascandy722 says:

My family laughed when I told them spam sucks gorilla balls!!

Micheal Lamb says:

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Bosserman Choudhury says:

I also need to lose weight, please help me too

maher elmaher says:

I want to schedule exercises please

Scott Steiner says:

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maher elmaher says:

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Achintha Dilshan says:

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Satij Dangol says:

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Rosie Parry-McCulloch says:

how much calories does this burn?

Anak Sunamun says:

empty titties

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