Joel Gabriel, CEO of Essence Water, Inc. Announces Today The Integration Of Two Health and Wellness Advocates Who Will Address the Rising Health Challenges in 2015.

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Hermosa Beach, CA (PRWEB) January 01, 2015

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the nation with heart attacks on the rise. In addition, one-third of adults over age 25—or about one billion people are suffering from high blood pressure.

Essence Water is the official Water of the Chazz Live Show, an online streaming fitness show that is accessible on portable electronic devices 24 hours a day. Dr. Jason Littleton is an instructor on the show that addresses heart disease prevention, hydration, body toning, fat burning, muscle building, healthy lifestyle choices and more.

America now has a new line of defense on the horizon that has health researchers and medical professionals talking. This list of experts includes Dr. Jason Littleton, a physician and Medical Director of Family Medicine in the Longwood, Florida, and founder of Wellspring Human Energetic, LLC. Dr. Littleton’s main focus is to help people live healthy and energetic lifestyles by making very simple choices everyday.

Dr. Littleton speaks on many topics including weight loss and energy. He had this to say about this new collaboration, “Essence Water delivers nutrients, hibiscus (strong anti-oxidant), and because it has a sustainable pH of 10 it is geared to promote a healthier balanced life. Essence Water has no sodium so this is very good for all my patients with high blood pressure. I help people live better heath-wise—that’s my job. I want people to live cancer-free, be full of energy, and have improved longevity and that is why the Chazz Live Show is going to great for everyone who tunes in.”

Chazz Weaver is a Celebrity Coach, Athlete Trainer and Producer of Chazz Live, a wildly popular streaming show for those interested in learning more about what can help them live their best life. Chazz has been written about extensively both nationally and internationally; he has also appeared on ABC’s 20/20, Fox networks, many local television and radio stations from around the world.

“Our instructors and collaborations with companies like Essence Water is exciting because we only align with the best of the best and can share information easily and effectively. Essence Water for example helps me maintain my youthfulness by assisting to restore my body’s natural pH by means of flushing acidic toxins from my body. Add on top of that, Essence Water’s antioxidant power of organic Hibiscus makes Essence Water the only water I drink to help maintain my health and people need to hear about its benefits, admitted Chazz.

CEO, Joel Gabriel is enthusiastic about the collaboration with Chazz Live and Dr. Littleton of Wellspring Human Energetic, LLC. He states, “I am confident that this powerful collaboration will help millions of people be empowered to gain knowledge about effective solutions for their overall health and well being in 2015 and beyond.”

About Essence Water, Inc:

Essence Water, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Joel Gabriel. The company currently produces Essence Water in gallon, liter and 500 ml sizes for human consumption under the brand name Essence. Essence Water is carried by Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets, Fresh and Easy, Albertsons and many other chains across the country and at hundreds of all-natural stores nationwide and internationally. The Essence Water, Inc. system used to alkalinize the water undergoes extensive ongoing testing and monitoring, including licensing and inspection from the FDA, Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health. With over 11 years in business, Essence Water, Inc. is certified organic by Global Organic Alliance and USDA, has SQF Level 3 Certified Audit Designation and meets all FDA Regulation (21 CFR part 29) (21 CFR part 165.110).




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