Jon Gabriel – The Gabriel Method

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Jon Gabriel - The Gabriel Method

Jon Gabriel, author of ” The Gabriel Method ” joins Grant Lewers in for an in-depth discussion on weight-loss.


authorgirlpetparent says:

Jon is brilliant. Host-very annoying. A good host lets a good guest do the talking. This one constantly interrupts. Such a shame.

TigerReeves says:


Vanzuelo Machicando says:

The host is an absolute moron. Less talk, more listen = good interview with someone with knowledge to share. You have completely ruined what had the chance to be a damn good interview! Please… Order up an industrial sized, say 55 gallon, drum of STFU. Thanks!

Vanzuelo Machicando says:

he Says “So I’m sittin’ down to a meal….” and all I can do is hope and pray that what he says next is “I choked to death on an avacado seed!” and his presence just…. well… stops. 🙁 sigh… didn’t happen.

Rene Witehira says:

love the book

NutinBtr2Do says:

If he grew a goatee he’d look and sound like Tony Robbins. LOL

Rosybub says:

If you don’t agree with it, it’s simple, don’t watch the video. Otherwise, you just make yourself look desperate for attention when you make a negative comment. Anyway, loved the book, it was seriously life changing. :’D

muddyclothes says:

Love to hear from Jon. The host talks waaayyyy too much and keeps interrupting.

WujiErTaiji says:

Srsly this host is so annoying.

azores5 says:

I fell in love… Jon is really brilliant !!! ♥♥♥

AlisounLink says:

Yeah, what’s up with this guy? I can’t believe Jon can stay so relaxed under these circumstances…

AlisounLink says:

45:14 *facepalm*

Jack Donaghy says:

The host should learn to shut the FUCK up!

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