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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

JZ Fitness, an independently operated wellness brand that embodies fitness expertise, nutritional coaching, corporate wellness programming, authorship, international lecturing and community wellness, created by Jenn Zerling, MS, CPT, is excited to announce the release of the JZ Fitness nutrition app, available on iTunes.

After many years of coaching thousands of individuals on nutrition, Jenn Zerling (“JZ”) has developed a pioneering nutrition tracking app that does not require calorie counting or cumbersome food logging.

The JZ Fitness nutrition app acts as a built-in nutrition coach offering more than 50 sample meals and a nutrition template and logging system featuring an automated response system directly connected to data entries. An exercise tracker highlights fitness progress for each week. For users who find themselves plateauing or in dire need of guidance, the “Ask JZ” function offers information from JZ for a nominal fee question cost.

There’s an obsession with numbers, from how many steps an individual walks per day to calorie counting/food points to to lead healthier lifestyles. However, everyone is uniquely created and one person’s fitness regimen may not work for the other, i.e. proper meal balancing (too much protein and not enough healthy fats for example) and severely cutting calories to the point where an individual may plateau and eventually, drop out of health programs due to frustration.

JZ Fitness nutrition app compares to other nutrition apps:


Other Nutrition App: Breakfast sample: egg whites with an apple.

JZ Fitness Nutrition App: Aware of gender, current weight and health goals, JZ Fitness simplifies measuring portions and macro-nutrients. Simply log egg whites and JZ auto-prompt asks “how much” and based on the amount, the app will provide serving guidelines: a protein serving is too low or too high with adjustment suggestions


Other Nutrition App: Exercise trackers aren’t included; lacking a visual to track fitness execution for the week?

JZ Fitness Nutrition App: Weekly fitness-minute tracking is available on the homescreen


Other Nutrition App: Community responses from non-experts (opinions vs. facts)

JZ Fitness Nutrition App: “Ask JZ” function provides answers to questions pertaining to specific health goals

*nominal fee per inquiry


Other Nutrition App: Lack of plateau-breaking feedback

JZ Fitness Nutrition App: Daily feedback based nutrition intake and exercise entries


Other Nutrition App: Macronutrient percentage summaries lacking next steps for insufficient nutrition intake

JZ Fitness Nutrition App: Auto responses to all food logged entries


Other Nutrition App: No auto prompts

JZ Fitness Nutrition App: Auto prompts appear if logged meals and exercise are not input into the system


Jenn Zerling (“JZ”) is a life-long athlete, lover of life and people, and wishes to help America break the chains of obesity. JZ provides customized nutrition coaching and fitness training services designed to help people optimize the lives of individuals through optimal nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

JZ has an M.S. in Kinesiology, and holds multiple certifications in personal training, spin, nutrition and yoga. Her leadership experience includes: directing the fitness and nutrition department for Cenegenics Beverly Hills; clinic management for several Lindora Medical Weight Loss Clinics in Southern California; Fitness and General Management for the Sports Club/LA; and fitness programmer for all high schools involved in Matthew McConaughey’s non-profit foundation, Just Keep Livin. She also developed and operates a successful corporate wellness program for South Bay BMW. JZ recently partnered up with Stay Fit Housing as their Director of wellness for all their guests.

JZ’s fitness and nutrition writings can be found in multiple media resources (including JZFitness.com), and she authored the book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools. She is a fitness presenter at national conferences.

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