Killer Weight Loss Kettlebell Home Workout! I Lost 100lbs!

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Close brings you one of the most powerful full body workouts you can do at home for weight loss using just a KettleBell! I used this …

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Bharat Swabhiman Baleshwar says:
Jason Pogany says:

I suggest sit ups and other various exercises. 😉

Ashok Adhikari says:

Thanks baba ji for different type of yog

Sushant Magan says:
Bhatt Rakeah Bhattrakesh says:

Thank you baba ramdev ji 

MrSiberianghost says:

there are about fucking zillion exercises with kettlebell,, kettlebells r
fun 4 me, cause i`m naturally strong. i lost weight 2 with`em 🙂 luv them

MsDeleeuw says:

leuk hoor maar alle oefeningen kun je doen met een dumbell dara heb je geen
kettlebel voor nodig

bryanmyers87 says:

Wow, Jon Gosselin got jacked after the divorce.

darkwaterincor says:

I wonder, how many prisoner of war victims, or concentration camp victims
have you seen with loose skin? Why is it that when you pinch the back of
your hand, and then pinch this “excess skin” they aren’t the same
thickness? Is it possible that most people who lose weight are still really
unhealthy and still have ample amounts of fat under the dermis? I do. Also
this is 240p, you expecting to see stretch mark scars under a tanned body
with make-up?

niorelin says:

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Loss. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

San dro says:

0:41 to start the workout

KravaLLT says:

lol 3 different guys at before picture, after picture and the one who does
the workout

Ajay Awal says:

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people who bulked up who never thought they could.

venkat sree says:

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Joesph Creoff says:

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anish diwakar says:

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Mamik Maharjan says:

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LuvsAngell says:

I have been using kettle bells for months now, I started in crossfit , now
I do a kettle bell workout in my gym, and it does work, i do a warm up,
then kettle bell, and do strength weightlifting, upper body one day , lower
next day, about 5 days a week …. I have lost inches all over , tummy is
going away, my whole body is shrinkin

kikihm13 says:

A great video. My sister registered on ExprezSliminizer and she has lost
20KGs in ONE MONTH. Unbelievable. Try it for yourself.

Subani Jayasinghe says:

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roshan k c says:

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WishMaster2013 says:

What’s w all the damn advertising in the comments section?

Aasen Petrov says:

Oh hello! Have you ever tried – banfan instant diet genie (Have a quick
look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some great things
about it and my co-worker got great success with it and has lost 7 pounds

xKinofsouls xAngelofDemons says:

he has a big butt

Anthony Dicenso says:

Throw a kettlebell into your circuit and you’ll burn some serious fat. I do
stretching, then start with push ups, jump rope, dragonflys on my bench,
punch a heavy bag, kettle bell, shakeweight(it actually works f you guys)
and repeat! Great fat burner! Tips on other good circuit workouts would be
appreciated, i’m new to fitness!

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