Kim Kardashian – Diet Secrets (Diet & Fitness Guru)

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Kim Kardashian - Diet Secrets (Diet & Fitness Guru)

Want to know how Kim Kardashian loses weight and stays sexy? Quick Trim is a concoction of powerful stimulants, laxatives, and diuretics, or “supplements,” t…
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Grant Halverson says:

typical bullshit using famous people to try and get popular

domdabombabc says:

This is retarded. Why am I subscribed to this channel?

AmusingYeti says:

LOL this is a complete bloody joke. Do NOT fall for this pseudo science BS.
The character limit on youtube is too small for me to even begin on this

claudiaiveth1 says:

Kim is not fat…it’s better then looking like a stick with no curves

Саша Юрков says:

Hi! I’m Olivia.I did -20 lbs last 30 days.Visit

ThePrincessChristina says:

its obviously working shes a millionaire because of her body

yodaime56 says:

wad the **** tis video sucks

Vova Lozoviy says:

Hi! I’m Kyle.I did -15 lbs in 2 weeks.Open

Jadore Dior says:

cheap supplements hahahahah!!!!

Giuliana C says:

i’m sure this shit is healthy…

Anfmethodjor says:

@domdabombabc lol me too, I think they had like one video that I really
liked, and since then it has been a bunch of what the hecks. Also, I came
here to see Kim in a swimsuit, misleading screenshot.

TheEckhartFan940 says:

@SandySandz You are right! It reveals the truth about the cellulite. Thats
why I love this program cause its very informative and techniques & workout
routine were revealed that helps & workout routine were revealed that helps
my skin look taut and smooth.:) Anyway, you must have interchange its site
name. That should be:

Slayeraa223 says:

shesh a whore

Mehdi Ennaji says:

Kim Kardasian is fat … why would anyone follow her “Diet” plan

TheHostForMyFolks says:

how’s the FUCK she’s a whore?!!…oo I’m sorry I didn’t kno you was related
to her to kno these things..hater-.——

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