Lemon Detox Diet Vs Hormone Diet

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Many people have a desire to lose weight quickly and this has resulted in a constant stream of diet fads emerging over many, many years. Two of the latest trends to promise rapid weight loss are the hormone diet and the lemon detox diet.

If you are considering going on either of these two diets it pays to take into account the duration of the diets which is important to the results. Good nutrition and sensible exercise are vital to losing weight and keeping it off.

The lemon detox diet consists of fresh lemon juice, bottles of water, cayenne pepper and organic maple syrup. The duration of the diet should only be for about ten days. During this time you will not eat or drink anything except for the special lemonade and water, which is still limited. Basically, you are living on lemon water and sugar for ten days.
There are many opinions of the diet as well as confusion. Significant weight loss can occur on this diet and the jury is out as to whether it is from fat loss, water loss or from a complete system cleanse. It is common for the weight lost during the lemon detox diet to be put back on and many will add even more pounds than before.

The hormone diet is going to teach you how to treat your body properly. Blood tests are taken and the results are used to design your diet. You will embark on a two week detoxifying plan followed by a programme of good nutrition, exercise and sufficient sleep. This is going to help your hormones, particularly the ones that burn fat, to do their job correctly. If you treat your body like a temple you will lose weight. This means that you only eat food that is going to fuel your body correctly. If you normally exercise it is fine to carry on as it will help you burn off the weight and keep it off. Some people have found that they can actually eat more on this diet as they are now eating the foods that their bodies need.

Many people seem to think that there is a miracle diet or pill that is going to take the weight off very quickly and keep it off. The problem is that there arent any. Without proper nutrition, sleep and regular exercise your body will not lose weight, much less keep it off.

It is important to consult with you doctor before you embark on any diet so that you are confident that you are in sufficient health to undertake the exercise and diet required. If you are not healthy, or possibly have an underlying problem causing your weight gain, any diet could make your problem worse. Exercise can be stressful for your body, especially if youre not a regular at a gym. You should be in good health before you try out anything new. If you have decided that now is the time to lose weight then you are making the decision to give yourself the gorgeous body you desire.

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