Lose a Pound a Day Weight Loss Book Released Online

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Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

Losing one pound a day is a reality for some men and women that seek alternatives to weight loss. While rigorous exercise can help promote weight loss, this activity might not be right for all people due to medical reasons. A new book has been released and is offered through the Weight Loss Success Plan website to help men and women to try natural methods to lose extra body weight. The lose a pound a day weight loss series was written to deliver holistic weight reduction strategies to those that want to lose weight without relying on supplements or health club memberships. The book can be accessed directly through the http://www.weightlosssuccessplan.com website.

Weight loss training guides have been written for decades by hundreds of publishers that reach a certain demographic of men and women. The average guide promotes reduction of fat from the daily diet and includes exercise routines. The new lose a pound a day series that is offered through the Weight Loss Success Plan website introduces men and women to natural forms of weight loss that are rarely written about in books or other periodicals.

Some of the same natural ingredients that are used to manufacture supplements are provided inside of the book as well as ways to integrate these ingredients into a daily meal plan. This healthy living information provides one area that can be used by those seeking help to shed excess body weight.

Living healthier is one way that someone currently overweight between a few pounds to hundreds of pounds can make subtle changes to begin a proven path to a natural body weight.

While most doctors would agree with eating better, there is no single solution that is right or wrong for men and women struggling with weight gain. Things like disease, family medical history and immobility are factors that supplement companies or exercise machinery manufacturers do not take into consideration. A healthy diet is one portion of living right and confidence boosting is another.

A portion of the lose a pound a day book series offered through the WeightLossSuccessPlan.com website is centered around personal motivation building and how men and women can stay focused during any weight loss strategy.

Psychological factors are one area this is rarely written about in average weight loss books and magazines. Things like depression, hormonal imbalances and metabolism breakdown can all contribute to weight gain. These indirect factors are covered inside of the book series and natural solutions are offered to help control the effects these have on the human body.


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