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Jim spent millions of dollars trying to repair the damage that had been done by the defective product that the manufacturer of the Laundry Disk had created by replacing everything in the company in order for it to produce effective laundry disks . This is unlike the lose weight Bios Life Slim product which has been clinically tested and proved by the medical profession to be completely safe for human consumption. However within a ninety day period the Laundry Disk Company went bankrupt and was a devastating blow to Jim. For the next five years Jim tried many other different types of businesses and could not get any of these businesses to succeed. Jim then surrendered his life to the Lord and within twenty four hours the business doors of success started opening again. Jim went on a serious faith walk and ever since then has had put his priorities in life in the correct order and started realising what the true and important treasures are in life.

About a year ago Jim decided to come back to the network marketing industry and work again as a distributor. This is the level that people start marketing the lose weight Bios Life Slim product as well. Jim has tremendous skill and ability when it comes to training people on the fundamentals and basics of network marketing when used to promote any type of product. Jim went through this life journey of his where he was at the top of his profession earning millions of dollars every month to losing it all and then had a complete religious life changing episode eight years ago which put him back on the right track in life. The best place that Jim could help people the most was to come back as a distributor in the network marketing industry. As a distributor you not only have the ability to control your own life but you also have the ability to invest in other peoples’ lives with the aim of improving their lives.

You also have the ability to really be a blessing and a help to other people, which is exactly what the lose weight Bios Life Slim product has done for thousands of people around the world. Jim came to this conclusion eighteen months ago when he decided to become a distributor again. The task that was then ahead of Jim was how was he going to build his success again, which he had done so effectively years before. Jim did not decide to apply the short cut approach that so many network marketers had applied before him but decided to go back to the basics. A year ago Jim chose his final company and this would be the last company he would choose to do network marketing in and build his final dynasty within that company. He had already previously started a few other company start ups which did not work. Choosing a solid company provides the basic infrastructure for people to apply the basics every day as distributors and by starting this way they know that they will succeed in doing so.

People who want to lose weight and experience a good diabetes treatment as well as lowering cholesterol and would also like to work from home and create a regular monthly income from marketing the Bios Life Slim product to other people, need to visit this link lose weight and complete the market survey.


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