matt versus 2.3

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bluej12345 says:

Why don’t you think he’s ready to turn pro?

e1g3r says:

Who are you?

Dai7261 says:

I didn’t he did, basically said if he got a pro card he needs to be bigger and it will take him a few years. In other words he’s not ready for it. Since this is a very subjective sport if he got a pro card and took such a long time off there may be a chance that he would be taking an opportunity away from someone else. It’s quite possible in bodybuilding (being a subjective sport ) to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride. I wish him no ill but he basically say’s he’s not ready.

germandrummer13 says:

You are good at bodybuilding.

eidolonbreed says:

OOHhhh!!! I get it now, Thanx man!!

Vythey Chuon says:

genetics? steroids fill that gap…lol jk on the other hand, the sport of bodybuilding isn’t gonna grow much, fact of the matter is people can’t make that kind of commitment to do what we do unlike basketball, football, soccer etc….people can play those :)))

MrFitnessislife says:

You can clearly tell at the end hes pissed about the argument with brianna!thanks for the relationship advice matt

richw76 says:

Smart man. Took me years to learn how to argue.

ButteryAssAbel says:

this is so screwed up. my dad does this.

BetterAestheticsBB says:

Great to hear how passionate you are about the sport

MO Man says:

you are not even 22!!!!!! holy crap man you are huge for a ‘teen’ well done matt!

yokedsan says:

what is a re-feed day?

XAcemasterX says:

At the beginning was that a decline press?

TheMarrefarre says:

Basically be her bitch? Never u fucking sheep. Man up and stop being such a submissive rat

jsufi1 says:

wellllll, submissive rats get laid… you don’t

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