Matt Versus 2.6

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Matt Versus 2.6

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nextjan says:

he explained why he was whispering just a minute or so into the video… 

JayQFitness says:

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bjk50396 says:

0:27 perfect screen shot of you guys lol

ElemenohpeeHD says:

he said theres a baby sleeping..

ElemenohpeeHD says:

u and lavado live together? just wondering since u guys eat together at like 2am lol

crunkaintdeadd says:

So what kind of gear is Lavado doing?

soccerstarr93 says:

eat 1/3 of macros at night because thats when they toke up!!!!!

Carlos R says:

What shoes does lavado have?

frosti0408 says:

3:07 baby sleeping near by

bigtonutz says:

getting yucky with yo green beans )

Zdawg2324 says:

haha “double nip slip”? classy, Matt, very classy.

DinobotFury says:


f3d337 says:

Double nip slip :B

Aaron Bailey says:

@ 3:30 what is that workout? and what does it work? i know either shoulders or chest, but what does it target specifically?

goat6inboots says:

he answers that in the video (there was a baby sleeping nearby).

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