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San Francisco, California (PRWEB) January 15, 2013

Diet sodas are popular alternatives to standard sugared drinks. These are usually made with artificial sweeteners that have reduced or no caloric additives. The Men’s Health Website has published a new report that reveals a link between depression and some forms of diet soda. The report also reveals how formulas like Garcinia Cambogia are being used as alternatives to help with weight reduction instead of artificial ingredients. This new report is one of the latest additions to the company website online.

The American Academy of Neurology has published new research that reports a moderate increase for health problems in men who rely on artificially sweetened dietary drinks. Some of the information revealed in this study included depression, heart problems and other issues.

The over indulgence of certain types of sodas that contain sweeteners and sugars were linked to the negative health effects in these studies. This information has provided the basis of the new report published online to help introduce men to these health risks.

Natural formulas are released each year that are used as one method to boost better health and wellness in adults. A large portion of these formulas are marketed to men. The rise in obesity in the United States and lack of better dietary choices in many people is attributed to the increase in the distribution of alternative vitamins and formulas.

The website now provides daily updates written strictly for men to introduce new information and to help educate men worldwide about the types of wellness products that are now available.

The fitness and health industries frequently release exercise programs and devices to help entice men that want to lose extra pounds or become more physically fit. Some men rely on natural substances and others rely on artificially created formulas to help supply muscle building effects. One of the topics that are covered on the new company website is how a man of any age can achieve better fitness through planning and making better choices. Part of any dietary routine involves decisions that can increase or decrease the results achieved.

A new online store is now open online that is designed to introduce reviewed products strictly for men to sample or purchase. This new web store is added to on a weekly basis as new products are reviewed or discovered from top manufacturers in the health and wellness industries. This store can be accessed online at

About Men’s Health Issues Co.

The Men’s Health Issues Co. launched in 2013 to provide a helpful resource for men of any age to use online. This brand new company website is packed full of new content that includes reviews and articles related to issues important to men. Through daily updates and special reports, this company explores some of the latest products that are available to help increase the body, mind and spirit. The Men’s Health Issues Co. has created a new store online that introduces the latest health and wellness products that can be sampled or purchased by those seeking a higher quality of life.

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