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New York, NY (PRWEB) August 06, 2012

Ever wonder why weight training causes some people to gain weight instead of losing it? According to Method Fitness’s new in-home personal training program in NYC, clients may see an increase in their weight when they first begin a weight training exercise program. This should not keep them from weight training exercises because they will soon hit a point where they are losing weight.

When their body is not accustomed to working out, their muscles will be sore. They are beginning to use certain muscles that they have not used in quite a while. This will result in greater muscular gains. When they begin their exercise program they will soon find that they are getting thinner, although the weight on their scale stays the same. They should not rely only on the scale to measure their results. Method Fitness’s personal trainers say, “You should test yourself to see how much body fat you have on a regular basis or take measurements of specific areas of your body”. They may see different results than what their scale is showing them.

Ask any of Method Fitness’ s celebrity personal trainers in NYC and they are sure to tell them that when they exercise they burn calories, which leads to weight loss. When they see that they are inches smaller than they were before, they will know that they are doing a great job.

Along with lifting weights they should also commit to doing some cardiovascular exercises such as biking, running, walking, or swimming. This will help their body develop a lean toned look. Method Fitness’s celebrity personal trainers in NYC can tell them that there is a silver lining to exercising in this manner. While they continue on their exercise journey, they will see that their muscles are now becoming toned. Once they have reached a plateau (this usually takes about 3 weeks) then they should move their work out to the next level of difficulty. This will allow their body to continue to improve on its results and burn more calories at a faster pace.

Another thing they might want to consider are their eating habits. When they begin to work out they will find that their body is craving those calories that they have just burned. This could increase their appetite and could lead to overeating. They can avoid this by keeping a food journal and tracking the calories they eat. Method Fitness’s private personal trainers in NYC says that people who keep a food journal show greater results than those who don’t.

Another mistake people often make is to consume more calories and then rationalizing it because they have just exercised. Once they have finished their workout, they may be tempted to indulge in sweets or junk food as a way to reward themselves for working out so hard. They should stay away from this rationalization. When their goal is to lose weight, they cannot take in the exact amount or more calories than they are burning or they will not see any results. Just like consuming excessive calories, not getting enough calories can also keep them from losing weight. When their body does not have enough calories, their metabolism slows down. It is important to eat at least 5 small meals a day, all comprising of good calories that their body will process and utilize as an optimal source of energy and nutrients.

Be sure to stay hydrated because weight can fluctuate throughout the day. It can be a difference of up to five pounds depending on what they have had to eat or drink recently or how much water they have lost in sweat. This makes it imperative that they get on the scale at the same time every day.

The exercise programs that Method Fitness uses are created to get clients the results that they desire as fast as possible. Send us an email at: contactus(at)methodfitness(dot)com and check out our website at or call us at 212-255-5842 today to see what our program can do for you. Act now to receive 50% off your first personal training session!

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