My Diet Plan: What To Eat To Lose Weight

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My Diet Plan: What To Eat To Lose Weight

Get meal ideas at – Here is my diet that I followed to get down to 15% body fat. Find out what you need to eat to lose weight by following my diet plan. CLICK MORE INFO! It’s kinda long but answers the questions like how to lose weight and what I eat for dinner and breakfast. Follow me on Twitter – Be a Fan on Facebook – Check out my articles – Visit my site for my daily workouts and meal ideas –

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knubbek says:

yay!! thanks!!!

patricefinley1 says:

I love it ive lost 15lbs in 3 weeks 😀

ttrrissttaan says:

@patricefinley1 WHOA!!! CONGRATULATIONS PATRICE!!!!!!!!

ttrrissttaan says:

trying the HCG Diet, 6 days in started with 310 lbs, now 297 lbs….and you lose the most weight in phase 3 i hear…so that’s a good start hehe! My mother lost 100lbs on it a few months ago, and I chickened out after the 3rd day…but now i’m committed!

patricefinley1 says:

Now ive lost 25 lbs in a monrth and 2weeks

markkuruci says:

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TreenaButt says:

Do i have to buy it or just fallow the steps???

crazygrneyz says:

why isn’t the code working to get the 10% off???

elwiranuvqe says:

I am not really sure if it is the proper diet regime for anybody, but DietOramy diet regime definitely allows my father burn off all of that surplus fat in the body. There is a lot of free info on the web relating to this, just use Google…

YesYesYoureRight says:

It is illegal in the UK.

thinishiyan says:

It really is kind of funny seeing all these video clips presently when I’m finally not fat any longer – my magic pill is DietOramy belly fat reduction plan (search Google) – that thing definitely helped me make over my body, well being as well as my very existence.

rana442 says:

I have found DietOramy dietary regime (you can find it on Google) – that weight loss plan is clearly great, I eat as much as I really want and I’m continually getting rid of excessive fat – the key is in distinctive kinds of meals, far from in calories…

shajumylove says:

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guys might wanna look that up” or “anyone know about flow solution
diet? I’ve heard great things about it but don’t know exactly…”

milaangel29 says:

@bobkilla430 …That’s what I thought… Thanks… ; )

gacutcut24111991 says:

hey hey! Have you thought about cleverous 402 diet (search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my sister lost tons of weight with it.

SuperAhmedali786 says:

I’ve heared about FLOW SOLUTION DIET that it is effective in weight loss….i’ve heared many good things about it…plz guide me..

salmansafder says:

“My wife just lost 20lb with something called flow solution diet, you
guys might wanna look that up” or “anyone know about flow solution
diet? I’ve heard great things about it but don’t know exactly…”

taaaylorxx says:


StaminaFitness1 says:

Hey guys/gals =) I lost over 75 pounds with a wonderful program. Check out the videos on my channel to see what I am doing. And click subscribe for updates.

M89ZY says:

@mtvfanxotastic33 Awesome video! Check out more Best diet to lose weight techniques here tinyurl@com/Quick-ways-of-loosing-weight

Mernaya says:

@mtvfanxotastic33 what means kudo?

love62281 says:

Love your videos….thankyou for sharing your diet tips. I have found it very helpful. 🙂

Thiggyhiggy says:

@salmansafder ask your wife :D

hate6663 says:

@taaaylorxx she eats bananas and then she works out retard! you should do the same instead of sitting on your fat ass all day

sudanm2 says:

My best mate has been adhering to DietOramy diet regime (spotted on Google) for approximately a couple of months now and she already lost most of her body fat now – I’m trying to talk her into fitness, but she is just loyal to her DietOramy…

castanaenamorada says:

All vinegar cuts fat content… 

twintron4 says:

this sounds quick and simple i will try it!

Tcailley says:

Thank you!

weightlossUK1 says:

Hi Sarah,

Great video content, thanks for the detailed info you give in your vids.
Loving the apple treat


101LPSgirls says:

My favorite healthy snack is a fruit salad. I put in cut up peaches, cut up bananas, and cut up apples! I am trying to lose alot of weight because i am a very chunky girl. 🙁 But i’m trying my hardest!

BrandNewMusicSource says:

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adeelanjum7777 says:

It really is sort of amusing viewing all of these video clips at this moment when I am not fat any longer – my dirty little secret is DietOramy eating plan (google it) – that thing certainly forced me to be remodel my entire body, overall health as well as my very existence.

xTHiNkPiNk says:

@101LPSgirls you go girl!!!!!! you can def do it!! dont give up, no matter what others say or that conscience, the small voice in your head, tells you. always remember: if you have your mind set on something, anything is possible! follow your goal, reach for your dream. just think about your body and confidence after you lose weight! its totally worth it!=)

xTHiNkPiNk says:

TRY TIFFANYROUTHEWORKOUTS fat will just melt off you.
im a living testimony. hahaha.
just in four days, my waist started to curve it, shaving off my lovehandles. of course i still have them, but they are not as big as they used to be! hehehe

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