My Healthy Diet Breakfast Routine! | A Model Recommends

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My Healthy Diet Breakfast Routine! | A Model Recommends

Please hit the subscribe button and leave a comment telling me about your favourite breakfast in order to be entered into the Tropicana giveaway! (Please only one entry per person for the giveaway – prize is a 6 month supply of Tropicana Orange Juice and can not be transferred or exchanged for any other prize. Entries must be in by 12 noon GMT on Tuesday 4th December! With many thanks to Tropicana for providing this giveaway! ) I hope you enjoyed this video – leave me a thumbs-up if you want to see more on eating and diet! My main point, I suppose, is that breakfast is REALLY important and you should try not to skip it! Get your vitamins and nutrients in early and then you’ll be nicely set up for the day. Your body and your looks will thank you for it! Ruth xx Instagram! Link to Vlog Channel: Link to Twitter: Link to A Model Recommends blog: Link to Facebook


gäthlin grünthal says:

jess… finally… eggs and bread isn´t bad when you eat it in moderately!! 😀

AModelRecommends says:

5’8″ xx

AModelRecommends says:

32! Thank you! xx

jjcs78 says:

Hot smoked salmon and scrambled eggs…

joseph lewandowski says:

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praslisa says:

google Tropicana orange lawsuit will get a link to news

I thought you might want to check it out.

StyleCrescent says:

such a good video, i’m starting the new year with a bit of a health kick so this helps 🙂 love from a new subscriber xxx

Gunhild1996 says:

I think you put up such a good example for other girls!! 🙂

Shannon Tao says:

carrot and apple juice from M&S, smoked salmon on organic soy toast with cream cheese and butter-I add some sugar to the butter, it tastes amazing! <3

DazzelPebbels says:

please more diet vids in the new year 🙂

Pepper Sewell says:

Get the London look ( teeth )

89Jacquelyn says:

Hard boiled eggs.

DandaCuteCheeks says:

Love that you mention to indulge every once in a while. Great role model 😀

starsunflower says:

i love granola with yoghurt too. Also porridge with small bits of chopped apple, in the micro – the apple goes gooey and yummy and is easy way to get one piece of fruit eaten!

butterscotcho says:

victoria’s secret Model omg i love u.

PastelSkies425 says:

I love porridge and yogurt with granola as well. I love to put fruit (such as strawberries or blueberries) in my porridge and it tastes amazing. 🙂 I like to have greek yogurt with granola to give added protein. 🙂 Being a vegetarian, I need more protein in my diet, and I love eggs. I like to make a peekabo egg. Slice a circle in the middle of a piece of whole meal toast, crack an egg in the middle, and cook it in a pan.I eat it with apple slices. 🙂

Mafaz Ansar says:

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