My Weight-loss Journey and Lifestyle Change I lost 109 lbs. (pt.1)

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My name is Andrea Pouncy Smith and this is my weight loss journey and lifestyle change that I would like to share with you. I started off at 278 lbs to now 1…

Everything you need to know is below: Follow me on twitter: Instagram: HIIT for me is…
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shaanu202 says:

Your video has helped me sooo much! I was wondering though, when you
started to incorporate strength training into your workout routine, how did
you combine it with hiit? Did you do them on the same days?

Lydia Scott says:

I am about to head to the gym and will definitely be trying this! x

Bianca Springer says:

Can you make a weight training video?

Nancy Ahir says:

wow this really helped ! thanks

skevola says:

You are a CHAMP, girl

StacysSerenity says:

thanks soo much for this video! I will try it at my next workout!

Charlene McKen says:

I have been trying to loose weight for a very long time now, with no
success I am really depress and not sure if I can do this. I watch your
videos all the time for motivation. I really want to loose the weight but
I’m not sure of what I’m doing wrong. I really need help :(..

nathalie then says:

I had a plateau for about 3 months. I was already thinking of giving up,
and saw this video. I did this for one week and lost 2.4 lb. THANK YOU SO

alizae chavez says:

How long did it take u to loose it?

Catherine Millard says:

You’re amazing. Definitely going to try this hiit. Just plain running isn’t
getting me anywhere. Ready for your protein.. I definitely would like if
you explained why protein is so important. 

Ana T says:

Not sure if you mentioned this, but how long are the intervals for? Also,
how long do you run for in total? Are your slower intervals at a walking or
running speed?

Jessica Bond says:

So this treadmill routine is literally what you did every day for your
whole weight loss since you started? I’m just afraid it will stop working
for me after a period of time and I’ll hit a plateau. I lost 33 pounds and
then hit a plateau which mentally threw me off and I gained 15 pounds back.
I’m trying so hard to get back into the swing of things, but I just need a
good routine that will work for me that I can stick to every day, because
I’m successful with a specific routine to follow; I get overwhelmed doing a
bunch of different routines and activities at once.

tricia_15 says:

Hi, you mentioned on instagram that you were doing the Jamie Eason livefit
routine? How did it go for you? I have 2 weeks left of the program!

Jennifer Onah says:

Just letting you know that you have really helped me! I’ve been trying to
lose weight since my early teens and I,m now 21. But your motivation and
attitude has really inspired me, plus you started at around the same weight
that I did which made me feel like it was possible! I’ve lost 18lb in 2
months so far by doing HIIT and eating less, and I hope to get down to
140lb. Your attitude is very inspiring and you’ve helped me to do what I
can to make the most of my twenties, thank you for your help!

Bella Monti says:

Very helpful! You look fabulous! You hard work and dedication clearly has
paid off!

amynicolaox says:

I wanted to share my EXACT HIIT workout routine. This is the only cardio I
did and used to lose 80+ pounds of fat. I hope you find it helpful.
Apologies for my bra hanging out, what can a girl do, oops!

igsvt says:

Thanks for the video, it was very informative. I was wondering if you can
do a video on protein shakes.

FashionLurk says:

How many times a week did you do this work out? Thank you! xx

sugarandspice x says:

Loved this did it today at gym and nearly died lol so is this what u done
to loose all the weight then ? What other machines do you use at gym xxx

shellatx says:

Do you keep the incline at 1.5 the entire workout? How many calories are
you burning during an average HIT session? Do you eat back the calories
that you burn? About how many calories do you eat back? Thanks!! 

Kira Grant says:

How much did you weigh before you started your weight loss journey?

Yulesko Y says:

Thank you! That was the video i was waiting for. I am in love with HIIT and
I totally agree with you. I didnt do a warm up first, starting from the
light jogging, but I will try from tomorrow. The idea of personal
customized speeding is great! I have been using the ready HIIT programmes
in the machines, adjusting them to how I feel. Now I will try and build up
my own one!

SheWillBeLoved says:

Thank you for sharing. I started doing this three weeks ago. Had to start
running or jogging at 4.5.. I’m so out of shape but I’m working my way up!
I’m trying to lose 80 lbs. 

louziana11 says:

Wow I’m really motivated now to push losing weight also and this
video has inspired me to keep on going..I was 229 when I stared in April
and now I’m 195 in July..threat job girl!!!!!

tai simon says:

when u watch this do u shed any tears

vbreak2009 says:

Wow Andrea, that is a remarkable, amazing, inspiring weight loss story &
transformation. Congratulations & God Bless! thanks for posting, it gives
me hope that I can go from 172 to 120 in the next 6 months :)

120togo says:

*STUNNED* ……WOW! Girl, You are AMAZING :)

Shara Leverett says:

I cried the ENTIRE video! Amazing Job Andrea!

Nai Davis says:

Wow,absolutely amazing,praise God! The drive in you girl!

alisha robuste says:

Hey andrea where did u get your waist belt from?

misty vu says:

Wow great job, just wanted to say Congratulations on reaching your goals!
Keep the great work up. May I ask what is the blue thing that you had on
your stomach?

Amirah Williams says:

Absolutely amazing!. I hope that I have similar success in my journey. I
almost cried. Thanks for sharing

Beebe inuptownmotown says:

congrats I hope to be where u r soon !

Jamie J says:


1ColleWorld says:

Thanks for sharing. Awesome inspiration. 

Mike M says:

well done you should be very proud of yourself!!

HealthyFitLife says:

That’s an incredible weight loss!

missivy27 says:

OMG Sooo Inspiring!!! I recently lost 50 lbs since the end of February this
year!!! I agree 100% that nutrition is the larger part of this journey!! I
did it the old fashioned way too! I have 30 more lbs to go! You are a true
motivation! Thanks for sharing! 


wow!! you look so beautiful and you are such an inspiration to many, how
tall are you?

NappturalDancer2K10 says:

Great job!! I’m currently on my journey and I still 40 lbs left to go!

Kami Xiao says:

I just lost 20 pounds and i can’t wait to see changes in my body like this.
I have a lot more to go! Thank you for making this video and inspiring

JohnsonKayla12 says:

Im so very proud of you and your accomplishments. I know it wasn’t easy.
Great job. I’m seeking motivation and you have inspired me. Thanks for

sweetlipss84 says:

you are a true u said motivated gets u started and habit
keeps you going. It just hit me..Its a mental challenge and a serious major
lifestyle change..thank you for sharing this video. I found my motivation

Stacey Franklin says:

Simply wonderful, lovely, and beautiful. Thanks for motivating and
inspiring us while reaching your goals. Congrats on your weight loss! I’m
very proud of you sister, now it’s my turn! Lol Be blessed…….

Lozie82 says:


Jessica White says:

Really inspiring! I recommend to read the new Ricky Dawson’s report “The 7
Golden Tips” . It contains a lot of valuable informations and for free.

Andrea Smith says:

thank you so much <3

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