My Weight Loss Transformation – before and after pictures ( 161 Pounds in 12 Months )

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My Weight Loss Transformation - before and after pictures ( 161 Pounds in 12 Months )

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Emmeline Fourcand says:

did you get a tummy tuck ?

Mirela Bogdaniuc says:

come si fa per dimagrire come te voleo pure io mi interesa gratie spero che
mi rispondi !!!

Kimberly Rowney says:

She kinda looks like Iggy!

Jessica Anderson says:

Omg this is amazing

TandreaSpain says:

Beautiful…. very good! How tall are you Hun?

kashieeley25 says:

best transformation video ever!

Jolanta kanya says:

wow! thank you for the inspiration

120togo says:

*BEAUTIFUL* Way to go girl!!!!!

Christina Forgione says:

it would be nice if you shared how you lost it!!! you look amazing!

douaa1996 says:

u have great ruselt i want to know what do u do ??? reply plz

Keila Villaman says:


OreliaLatrice says:


Amira Gherrasselgoum says:

Wow you were beautiful and became gorgeous your a role model for all of us.
But i was wondering if you got
Surgery for the skin extension

Rebecca Smith says:

How long did it take you to loose all this weight? You look stunning,
you’re an absolute inspiration!

Alicia Evans says:

Possibly one of my most favorite weight loss videos to date. Even plus
sized you were gorgeous. Now you seem alot more comfortable in your skin. I
love this.

Athena Ponce says:

how tall are you?

Lovely Melody says:

Wait how did you do that? lol I have been doing cardio none stop, and
eating healthy nothing is working.

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