Nana Ama McBrown Reveals Her Weight Loss Secret

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Nana Ama McBrown Says She Will Never Break Up With BF-Maxwell Mensah + Reveals Her Weight Loss Secret
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Weight loss journey of 101lbs in 365 days.

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This is my journey of weight gain, and then losing 101lbs in 1 year – kickin’ it old school. I had always told people that I was happy, and that I liked myself the way I was thankyouverymuch…and I was definitely always smiling and laughing back then. But that ‘happy’ pales in comparison to the deep and sometimes delirious happy that I am now. Not to mention my self esteem and pride, which are growing all the time. My journey is not done yet…but I am determined to reach my goals of losing another 50lbs, running a half marathon someday, and hopefully inspiring others to live their best lives…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


Nicki Sasa says:

Oh my gosh I love this video! I can SO relate to your story. thank you so
much for sharing it! It’s beautiful and so are you. 

Gara Corina says:

Thanks, thanks and congratulations. I know I’m close to do it, I wish I
could post a video like yours. This is a great motivation.
Congratulations again.

How to organizelifetv withLadiePhoenix says:

So inspiring & a big congratulations to you! I too have just started my
lifestyle changes with better nutrition & health one baby step at a time!
Thanks for sharing this! 

anthony george says:

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powders, pills, or potions. Copy and paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace to
find out more.

Duckie Doo says:

Amazing! WTG! Very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing!

Jen B. says:

Sorry if this is weird but we have the same name!

Ambassador's Hour says:

Awesome thank you so much


Great job! Please subscribe to my channel!!

Amber's weight loss journey and more! says:

Fantastic job!! You are an inspiration. One of my goals is to start and
finish a marathon, thanks to you I know it’s possible.

Bridget Odonnell says:

You are gorgeous and such an inspiration! So impressive, thank you for

Mom The Ebayer says:

Very Inspiring! 

Pearl luv says:

you’re an inspiration :)

seachelleskywoman says:

Thanks for not starting this video with the sad music! I hate it when
weight loss vloggers do that.

WolfTac86 says:

Inspiring video! Thanks for sharing!

Lila Camargo says:

You really inspired me to change my life!

sandeep thapa says:

If you want to burn fat fast, you should do a google search “Windy Fat
Loss”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

Stella Okyere says:


Priscilla Aidoo says:

No this is not right you dont have to mention Emelia’s name in your
conversation is non of ur damn fucking business mad

Mzsleek Quistin says:

Aww I luv u mcbrown u luk mire prettier it was nyc seeing you @ Ghana music
awards event at the 02 Arena God bless you. .byee

Peter Thompson says:

Kwasi gossips like a woman

Ellen Antwiwaa says:

awesome nanan

Nana Poku says:

Wait and see. That ugly looking maxwell will soon call you grandma and for
you stupid Chris you wish Emelia Brobbey was like your sister.

Stephen Essel says:

I just luv ur new look n stature…

Kwasi Pein says:

we love u girl

adwoa dadson says:

I hope they get married because Nana Ama is not getting any younger

Juliana Bentil says:
liebe mensch says:

hello can some of you who dislike nana ama relationship with her guy tell
me why,because i dont get it, and i don’t even see any different between
them like people says,nana is older than her guy,they even look like they
are in the same age group,oh come on there is nothing wrong with their
relationship,even if she is bit older than him what is your problem,oh ok
some ghanaian paa so it is written in which quotation that old african men
can date little girls as much they want,but african women can only date the
men that are only older than them,come this is funny i dont want to believe

liebe mensch says:

on less some one tell me that,the guy snatch this lady from him,or this
lady snatch this guy from her,apart from that i dont know what is your big
problem about some people relationship what i know is that no devil like
to see beautiful things in peoples life, i mean just look at this beautiful
couple i just love it,i wish you all the best guys go on higher and higher
to put your enemies to shame.i will like to see your beautiful is full of evils they dont like better things on others

Monica Tiwaa says:

I think i have seen you on Calorad Africa weight loss adds pl tell me
something.What is going on.

William Many says:

This guys are talking bullshit

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