Natural Weight Loss — How to burn fat with cold exposure

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Natural Weight Loss tips with Dr. Kendra Pearsall on how to burn fat and increase your metabolism with cold therapy.
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When it comes to long-term weight loss, there’s MUCH more to it than just calorie in/calorie out. How you COMBINE your foods and WHEN you eat them plays a huge role in your fat burning success.

In this video, Shaun reveals:

1. The ONE type of food you should have in EVERY meal to keep your body in a fat burning environment all day long.

2. How to properly “time” your food combinations and food portions so your meals don’t “spillover” into fat.

3. How to use your own hands to easily create portion sizes that take most of the guesswork out of eating for fat loss.


getleanin12 says:

Whole grain bread and nut butter, Greek yogurt with walnuts, brown organic
rice with almonds, cashews, pecans, almond butter with sprouts is great on
whole wheat toast.

back2eden4good says:

Where does the cow gets his protein from that we eat for protein?, The
gorilla gorilla in Africa?

getleanin12 says:

If you havent checked it out already, visit our blog or see the free 3 day
protocol to give you some ideas on how you should be eating these nutrients
each day. Link is in the description above. Thanks!

MrAkerz says:

Great video man :))

Kali Allen says:

how many times should you eat carbs and fats each day?

Brian Presgrove says:

Excellent information Shaun. Being 42 and putting on 100 lbs during my
wonderful 15 years of marriage, I looked in the mirror a few months ago and
said for my sake and my wife I have to change. Thus started my lifestyle
change. I have been putting into practice your applications on diet and I
am so very impressed at how well it works. Your knowledge is excellent and
the way you explain it helps me to understand exactly how and why things
are happening. Keep up the great work.

getleanin12 says:


Milan Oparnic says:

If you have been trying to burn calories fast, you should do a google
search Nifty Fat Blaster. That might help you get the body you deserve.

atanu090928 says:

Man, I need to drop some weight, right now. Have you heard of Belly Busting
Box? My friend has shed 30kg up to now doing it and highly endorses it. Not
long ago I started and now have lost 5kg so far so I’m getting kinda
inspired. Browse Google for Belly Busting Box.

MD Sagor says:

Hello:) Have you heard about the Fat Blaze Factor (do search on google)?
Ive hear a number of extraordinary things about it and my sister burned
alot of excess fats…


As for carb depleting, do you deplete every week? like carb back loading?
or is this a one time jump start and go back to my normal macros the
following weeks?

Melo Last says:

You’re going to deteriorate eating animal protein, sorry.

Vegansdon't Needviagra says:

Your body stores amino acids to create HUMAN protein. Animal protein is
NEVER used by the human body. It is first broken down into amino acids and
then reformed into HUMAN protein. So, to say you need an animal protein
source in every meal could not be more rediculous.

Food combining? hell yeah. it’s great and works wonders, but the animal
protein crap you just through out there is rediculous.

I haven’t eaten animal protein in years and I’m 9% bodyfat… end of story

Jermaine Shorter says:

great information…i’ll be trying some of this in my next round of
experiments. love the cayenne pepper reaction…i won’t be doing that 🙂

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