Natural Weight Loss With Healthy Cheats – 100 Healthy Weight Loss Recipes With Fat Burning Foods

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Natural Weight Loss – – Healthy Cheats FREE Bonuses To Lose Weight Naturally: Most people have had bad experiences with meal plans for weight loss, eating foods they don’t like, in tiny portions that have to be eaten at specific times of the day. Since people really don’t normally eat this way, most people literally set themselves up for failure and that how yo-yo dieting becomes part of their lives. Why don’t weight loss diets don’t really work? The truth is that way too few diets offer a healthy structure that is both easy to follow and tasty. Dieting and a healthy lifestyle should not be as much about giving up on foods we love, but on making healthy choices that are sustainable for long term — for a lifetime actually! With HEALTHY CHEATS, it’s about making small, easy changes — not big radical ones that cause way too much upheaval in your life. Unlike so many other low calorie diet plans, I will also talk about ways to help you stay with your ‘healthier eating plan’ (never use the four letter word ‘diet’) long enough to learn how to manage your eating habits and thus your weight for the rest of your life. As a professionally trained chef, certified health coach and healthy cooking expert, I have published several books, including the Amazon bestseller 50 Shades of Kale (2012), as well as The Active Calorie Diet (2011), Secrets of a Skinny Chef (2010), The Yoga Body Diet (2010) and many other healthy cookbooks. As the


lingostudiomusic says:

excellent video. Helpful and healthy tips.

John Salak says:

Great Stuff….clear, important and powerful advice….a better way to a healthier liefstyle

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Molly Eldridge says:

Sounds great!

drumlish07030 says:

Jennifer is right. The food needs to be delicious, as well as low in calories.

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